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Christmas Present (Flash fiction)
Notes to this flash piece:
It's about a Christmas present that matters more than any material object.

The protagonist belongs to no specific ethnic group. You can read her the way you like the most. She could be anyone, from anywhere.
It's my Christmas present to anyone who stops by to read.
*Merry Christmas*
- Lu
(written on 24-Dec-2018; edited for grammar and lexicon on 25-Dec)

* * *
When it comes to the day before Christmas, I tend to withdraw and spend my time alone, far away from everyone and everything, like I’m no part of this world. I always have, since I was a kid. Turning twenty a month ago didn’t change that one bit. That is how I actually feel – the estranged, the foreigner, the outcast. I feel like I do not belong to this hectic world of colors, lights, music, laughter and fancy presents – and I’m fine with it. I love it. I love being something else but what everyone expects me to be. I feel w
:iconrobomommy:RoboMommy 5 5
Forever in my heart, my little boy by RoboMommy Forever in my heart, my little boy :iconrobomommy:RoboMommy 9 10 Double Meme with SquishyAutobot by RoboMommy Double Meme with SquishyAutobot :iconrobomommy:RoboMommy 7 4
MTMTE (SG) - Decepticon Rescue Division
PLEASE, read the DESCRIPTION first, or this fanfic won't make any sense for you!
~ * ~
Tarn took the 'Con's face in his palms and came closer to him, so that their faces were now a few inches apart.
"I know how that feels," he whispered softly, "I know all you want right now is to disappear somewhere where you can shut down, but you know what? That isn't going to change anything. Even if you disappear, the Autobots will continue to torture and bully those of our kind. Your self-induced termination will do them a service."
Crack's optics were humid with warm tears, that now found their way out of their socket and down his cheek. Tarn used his thumbs to wipe them away.
"Tell me, Crack," he whispered again, after a pause, in a reassuring tone, "would your departure serve other 'Cons?"
The robot closed his optics and leaned forward, bursting into a desperate cry on Tarn's chest. The big, fuchsia and green 'Con pulled him into a warm embrace and hummed a kind song, a lullaby.
:iconrobomommy:RoboMommy 9 15
Art VS Artist by RoboMommy Art VS Artist :iconrobomommy:RoboMommy 12 14 Artistic Workspace (Meme) by RoboMommy Artistic Workspace (Meme) :iconrobomommy:RoboMommy 3 3 Double Meme with MidnightStarChris by RoboMommy Double Meme with MidnightStarChris :iconrobomommy:RoboMommy 7 11 Pharma and Toxic - Sweethearts (RP) by RoboMommy Pharma and Toxic - Sweethearts (RP) :iconrobomommy:RoboMommy 7 9 World Breastfeeding Week - It's Mommy's Love by RoboMommy World Breastfeeding Week - It's Mommy's Love :iconrobomommy:RoboMommy 7 23 Me and Saber by RoboMommy Me and Saber :iconrobomommy:RoboMommy 5 14 When a child of mine calls me Mom... by RoboMommy When a child of mine calls me Mom... :iconrobomommy:RoboMommy 14 12 Breastfeeding my robot son RAL by RoboMommy
Mature content
Breastfeeding my robot son RAL :iconrobomommy:RoboMommy 13 24
MTMTE Tarn (Mask-less, fan interpretation) by RoboMommy MTMTE Tarn (Mask-less, fan interpretation) :iconrobomommy:RoboMommy 15 18 Steelshifters - COMIC COVER (Inks) by RoboMommy Steelshifters - COMIC COVER (Inks) :iconrobomommy:RoboMommy 8 2 This is Motherlove by RoboMommy This is Motherlove :iconrobomommy:RoboMommy 11 29

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Artist | Professional | Varied
Just an Italian soul who (mother)loves robots and various characters (and real people).

The rest of my art gallery is on

No-Copyright Attribution-Only License

Read it here:

Dear friends and watchers,

You might have noticed that some of my artwork and written pieces have disappeared from my gallery.

This is not the fruit of some hacking attempt, but the consequence of a decision I made recently after a long period of reflection.

I have decided to give away the attribution/maternity of my Sci-Fi works of Rolamaton, Electronia and The Berter Family (as well as several other novel drafts and ideas) to a person called Lia Dospetti, which you can follow here liadospetti

Worry not – I will still be doing things somehow behind the curtains, including drawing artwork and getting a say on the storylines (especially those that spark from my super personal world of The Berter Family), and some work will be joint work, but for a number of personal reasons I won’t be “the author” anymore.

That’s all good, though. My worlds are in good hands and I would be very happy if you could follow Lia to see what’s next with the stories. Also, she’s new to DevART and doesn’t know anyone but me, so it would be great if you could greet her with a welcome comment. :3

About “Robomommy”, the new plan is that I will be using my DevART gallery to post art commissions and gift artwork again, write the seldom piece of flash fiction (even more seldomly, fanfiction), draw some randomly inspired robot and human art, and promote a bit of my work related to the marketing niche, that might not sound very artistic but that I have a very holistic view of and I’d love to share some of it here.

All my art for the fiction I gave to Lia will be posted on her account. She’ll be crediting me – I trust her 100% on that. Anything that will seem uncredited it's uncredited on purpose: since I want to disappear as the author of these works of fiction, Lia will take over and repost much of my old work as-is and credit it to herself. Think of it as if I were always her ghostwriter. ;) I know it might sound odd and unusual, but that's the deal between us and I have reasons. (Good old' friends from DA can ask about it through Notes; I won't reveal it to anyone else though.)

So that’s all for the new year. :) Have a sweet start of 2019, folks! See you around DA.

- Lu


TBH, I feel that Tumblr's move is not that smart. Stronger sitewide and account-wise filters are the solution, not mass censorship of things from Nature. And while Tumblr's free to do whatever with their own platform, I really can't support their decision. I'm not a supporter of p*rn but I most definitely support free will and free speech. Probably providers like to create self-hosted sites are the good alternative by this point (I'll have to use one myself for non-adult content that keeps getting mistaken for adult; oh the joys).
I doodled this  Robocitan-tbd by RoboMommy as a warm up to get some drawing rust off my hands (inking rust is next in line) so I can resume commission work. She's a Robocitan from my Rolamaton stories. Still not sure which character will have this design assigned, I have created many without a concept design over the years (they're only a name, a background and a personality, without a body). The head design is based off the optical mouse I use with my work PC.


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Normally I don't do chain mail, but this is cute.
Dear God, the girl reading this is kind and I'm proud of her.🍒🍒🍒 Please help her live life to the fullest and bless her in her chosen field.😘😘😘 Now, you're on the clock.❤❤❤ In 9 minutes something will make you happy.🎁🎁🎁 Please share this with 15 girls you love.🌹🌹🌹 Remember,only for girls. If I don't get this back I'm obviously not a close friend.
Ignore the last part. It's okay
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I have a secret to tell you, but you can't tell anyone else...  probably because everyone else is already well aware of it, but.....

Baby Mandi loves Mama Lu!   ^_^
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