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Forever in my heart, my little boy by RoboMommy Forever in my heart, my little boy :iconrobomommy:RoboMommy 6 6 The Berter Family - Jacob Iceheart from Meravilla by RoboMommy The Berter Family - Jacob Iceheart from Meravilla :iconrobomommy:RoboMommy 8 7 Rolamaton The Robocity - Waveplex Oceanpy Echo by RoboMommy Rolamaton The Robocity - Waveplex Oceanpy Echo :iconrobomommy:RoboMommy 12 13 Double Meme with SquishyAutobot by RoboMommy Double Meme with SquishyAutobot :iconrobomommy:RoboMommy 7 4
MTMTE (SG) - Decepticon Rescue Division
PLEASE, read the DESCRIPTION first, or this fanfic won't make any sense for you!
~ * ~
Tarn took the 'Con's face in his palms and came closer to him, so that their faces were now a few inches apart.
"I know how that feels," he whispered softly, "I know all you want right now is to disappear somewhere where you can shut down, but you know what? That isn't going to change anything. Even if you disappear, the Autobots will continue to torture and bully those of our kind. Your self-induced termination will do them a service."
Crack's optics were humid with warm tears, that now found their way out of their socket and down his cheek. Tarn used his thumbs to wipe them away.
"Tell me, Crack," he whispered again, after a pause, in a reassuring tone, "would your departure serve other 'Cons?"
The robot closed his optics and leaned forward, bursting into a desperate cry on Tarn's chest. The big, fuchsia and green 'Con pulled him into a warm embrace and hummed a kind song, a lullaby.
:iconrobomommy:RoboMommy 9 14
Art VS Artist by RoboMommy Art VS Artist :iconrobomommy:RoboMommy 11 14 Artistic Workspace (Meme) by RoboMommy Artistic Workspace (Meme) :iconrobomommy:RoboMommy 3 3
Rolamaton - Shotfire Adams - OC Interview Tag
What is your name?
I'm Shotfire Adams. Nice to meet you! You may call me Shotty, if you like. Everybody does.
Do you know why you are named that?
Uhm, you mean my first name? 'Shotfire' is the name my creator chose for me after some wordplay with 'shooting water to extinguish a fire', as he planned to make me a robotic firefighter assistant. The color scheme of my armor reminds of fire and firefighting: gray, red and yellow.
Then, if you meant my last name, 'Adams' is my creator's and adoptive father's last name. My creator's father created my adoptive father, so either way I would have inherited the last name.
Single or taken?
Absolutely taken and happily married to a human woman.
Stop being Mary Sue!!!
*widens eyes* The scrap is wrong with you?!
What's your eye color?
Light blue.
Hair color?
Er, no hair? My helm is mostly red with gray and yellow parts.
Have any family members?
Yes. My family is my wife Carol, our sons Skyshot a
:iconrobomommy:RoboMommy 5 6
Double Meme with MidnightStarChris by RoboMommy Double Meme with MidnightStarChris :iconrobomommy:RoboMommy 7 11 Pharma and Toxic - Sweethearts (RP) by RoboMommy Pharma and Toxic - Sweethearts (RP) :iconrobomommy:RoboMommy 6 9
Rolamaton's Oil-Fender Terrain - 8 OC Facts Tag
8 facts about Rolamaton citizen Oil-Fender Terrain
1. Oil-Fender is a gender-neutral Experimental** robot and uses they/them/their or nhe/nhem/nhes* pronouns. They're tolerant of misplaced pronouns if they know someone's trying and just making mistakes (unless people are doing it on purpose).
2. They were created on August 3, 2014 as an adult type of robot, but their mind and sense of wonder are quite child-like.
3. Unlike other Robocitans, Oil-Fender doesn't age up unless they undergo surgical changes.
4. Oil-Fender is a prototype and their creator wanted to build an entire series of them, to work in the oil industry.
5. Oil-Fender's last name is not their creator's -- they invented one for the registry when they joined Rolamaton on February 2nd, 2016. 'Terrain' made sense for them, as a reminder of their past and a way to start a new life as a Robocitan.
6. The reason they became a Robocitan is that their creator's project cost too much and he got his funds cut down
:iconrobomommy:RoboMommy 5 33
World Breastfeeding Week - It's Mommy's Love by RoboMommy World Breastfeeding Week - It's Mommy's Love :iconrobomommy:RoboMommy 7 23 The Berter Family - UPDATES! by RoboMommy The Berter Family - UPDATES! :iconrobomommy:RoboMommy 3 5 Me and Saber by RoboMommy Me and Saber :iconrobomommy:RoboMommy 4 13 When a child of mine calls me Mom... by RoboMommy When a child of mine calls me Mom... :iconrobomommy:RoboMommy 14 12


DRAGON 5 by Barby-Maki DRAGON 5 :iconbarby-maki:Barby-Maki 2 0 Broadside by Skullgrin-140 Broadside :iconskullgrin-140:Skullgrin-140 26 2 Flatland by LaurasMuse Flatland :iconlaurasmuse:LaurasMuse 49 11 Metroplex Commission by markerguru Metroplex Commission :iconmarkerguru:markerguru 363 27
New Petitions!!!! :D
Guys, I recently made new petitions, three of them about Rise of the Guardians! :D Go ahead and sign each of them, and while you're at it, go ahead and spread the word! ;) Heart Love Hug  They're also my very first ones, and I'm new at it, so please bear with me. Sweating a little... Nod 
Rise of the Guardians 2:
Rise of the Guardians Musical:
:iconcatwoman-cali-onyx:CatWoman-cali-onyx 3 2
A Choice We Can ALL Live With by KyloRensMom A Choice We Can ALL Live With :iconkylorensmom:KyloRensMom 16 25
Mandi Loves You
Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone!  Mandi Pope/KyloRensMom loves you!
Odd to remember, it was five years ago that I was writing a dA journal, lamenting that I was in love with someone "I was never going to get to touch, let alone be with, and he probably read this and had no idea he's the one I'm talking about."  
Puppetcancer, you're reading this, right?  I meant you.  :)
I love you all...  every one of you who blesses me and enriches my existence because you give me the gift of your presence in it.
Extra love right now for my girl MasterOf4Elements, Bethie Boo Boo/Boo Solo.  She's had a rough go of 2018 thus far, but to watch how gracefully she handles it all, with the dignity of a Queen, it's just amazing to behold the strength of her spirit.  You cannot crush this woman, I swear to God.  Seeing her hold herself together while continuing to give us amazing fics and posters while she continues to teach little ones in her churc
:iconkylorensmom:KyloRensMom 2 8
HEARTS' FAIRY 3 by Barby-Maki HEARTS' FAIRY 3 :iconbarby-maki:Barby-Maki 4 2 See You Later, Lynea by KyloRensMom See You Later, Lynea :iconkylorensmom:KyloRensMom 8 2 THREE LITTLE GIRLS WITH DIFFERENT BELIEFS by Barby-Maki THREE LITTLE GIRLS WITH DIFFERENT BELIEFS :iconbarby-maki:Barby-Maki 4 0 Tesarus Doodle by Skullgrin-140 Tesarus Doodle :iconskullgrin-140:Skullgrin-140 22 2 Tarn Doodle by Skullgrin-140 Tarn Doodle :iconskullgrin-140:Skullgrin-140 32 3 STAIRS' ELF 2 by Barby-Maki STAIRS' ELF 2 :iconbarby-maki:Barby-Maki 3 0 GIRL by Barby-Maki GIRL :iconbarby-maki:Barby-Maki 5 2
Life Update!
I'm alive! You didn't get rid of me that easily! Muhhahah! :devilish:
So, I'm proudly introducing myself now as a mother of three kids. Yes, three (3)! Our family's youngest member was born 6th September; healthy girl (who continues to give me the kung fu kicks even outside me belly!). I'm still recovering, but now I have not so much headaches (and other aches like my lower back is so annoying me! All my lower torso parts are basically trying their best to find their original places~) so I'm writing this journal. 
I'm also tired which should be a self-explanatory in this situation, and thanks to epidural, which I finally got, doctor's orders were to lie down and drink lots of caffeine drinks to lessen the headache that comes as an aftermath! And that's exactly what I've been doing. Spinal fluids ain't a thing to be messed with and lying down literally makes the headache just go 'poof' disappear. Just don't ask the magic behind it, I have no clue! This all leads to the point I've b
:iconpika:pika 7 35


$20 commissions
What you can get for $20 (or 2,000 DA Points)

Linework (no background): pencil, ink or digital
$15 commissions
What you can get for $15 (or 1,500 DA Points)

Sketches (no background, B&W or colored): pencil or digital

Colored sketches (flats or 'sketchy' shading): digital color

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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

I think I'm going to give this another try (I failed miserably the last year) and use #inktober2018 as an excuse to get some old and new Rolamaton The Robocity artwork done.

I'm going to upload the pictures here and even on my public Instagram account @luanaspinetti

Inktober 2018 - Rolamaton Characters (tentative schedule, but I might just go with the flow)
Day #1 - Ceron Soldiery
Day #2 - Destroyer Soldiery
Day #3 - Eron Soldiery
Day #4 - Ravenoria Shadow Soldiery
Day #5 - Selenia Echo
Day #6 - Silencer Echo
Day #7 - Rendor Braveheart Rippen
Day #8 - Flameron Resfire
Day #9 - Talla Netteri
Day #10 - Lorad Stephinfast
Day #11 - Jahi Dahtriga
Day #12 - Tam Hardground
Day #13 - Sohan Adams
Day #14 - Caleb Adams
Day #15 - Rayner Dorian Allen
Day #16 - Firebot Allen
Day #17 - Sentinel Jet Flighter
Day #18 - Icelina Mewett
Day #19 - Prometeus Spacey

Are you going to join the challenge? If yes, what's going to be your theme? :)

P.S. Among the other things, check this status out (about commission work from September on):…


RoboMommy's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Varied
Just an Italian soul who (mother)loves robots and various characters (and real people).

The rest of my art gallery is on

NOTE: I draw mom-robot breastfeeding artwork

Do NOT watch me if you can't tolerate this kind of content. My content is NOT KINKY and its pure in its spiritual meaning, but I understand there are different sensitivities and cultural/religious viewpoints about it. I respect you. All I ask is for respect and kindness in return. :) We can always talk via Notes!
For more information about my posting of this type of artworks and writing, please read these journal entries: and

No-Copyright Attribution-Only License

Read it here:


Trying to go back to work on pending commissions, and just added HTTPS to my self-hosted gallery, now reachable at
I'm also thinking I should ask you for some 1-2 page comic prompts to brush up and practice comic arting... I haven't done that in a long time and I didn't have the courage to even start sketching the Rolamaton anniversary comic. I'm rusty :(


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