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Monkey see monkey do. I see a lot of beautiful renders from artists like Jstilton, Taziota, STR4HL, Nivillis and so many others, that I wanted to give it a go myself. So a hobby was born. I'm not sure how long it'll last, but hopefully for a long time to come.

So what do I enjoy? Well muscular woman is one of my biggest kinks ofcourse. Next to that: harem, inflation, big dicks, futa, muscle growth, giantess, domination, worshipping and also just regular vanilla sex. I'm not into anything to "extreme" though.

What is something I will never make? Furry/loli/gore/vore/scat is something I'd gladly see removed from the face of this earth. I'm also not in to feet. Most of the sex scenes I will make will also be consensual (maybe not at the start, but once they're busy they'll like it :) ) because generally just pure rape turns me of a little bit. Same with fighting/beating where anyone gets wounded. I'm here to make sexy stuff, not make blood fly around everywhere with everyone being bruised and broken.

If you ever have any ideas or if there's something you'd like to see make sure to contact me! If I like the idea it'll just get added to the list and I might get to it at some point!

How can you support me? Share my work! If you really want to support my work. Consider joining my Patreon!

How do I stand on monetization? My comics will always remain free. High resolution and extended comics can be found on my Patreon, together with pinups and short comics. For (in my eyes) a very fair price (no really, just throw me $10 once and you get access to hundreds of pinups, all my comics and plenty of other content).

Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Anything really, rap, metal, hip-hop, hardcore, jazz, rock. Its more on a song to song basis
Favourite Books
LOTR, Sharpe
Favourite Games
Metro / STALKER / to many other games to list
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I have a story idea that u could use for inspiration: Erin is a fourteen foot tall muscular beautiful 18 year old girl with long luxurious red hair. She's got an hourglass figure and the most perfect breasts I've ever seen in my life. In fact, she's so pretty that I don't even think about her being a giant at all. She's also has the hulking muscular physique of a big female bodybuilder. Her arms and legs are like tree trunks and she can bench press a car easily for three sets of ten reps. She's been working out since she was thirteen years old. At first it was just to keep up with her friends but soon it became something much more. Erin loves being taller and stronger than everybody else. It makes her feel special and powerful. She gets off on watching the guys stare at her when they see how strong she is. The girls love to watch her flex in front of them too. That's one reason why she doesn't wear a bra very often. She loves to show off how big and strong she is, often by flexing her massive biceps and making her dense pectorals bounce when she flexing them. She also loves picking up her friends up of the ground to hug them and carry them around like they are babies. Erin can lift over 8,000 pounds which isn't surprising considering that she weighs 1,000 pounds. That means that she can do a lot of damage if she gets mad. She usually walks around with a smile on her face bff or make fun of her she'll simply act like like the Hulk and threaten to smash them. But for the most part, she's a gentle giant to her friends and loved ones. She's sweet and kind and willing to help anybody who needs it. She'd rather be thought of as a good person than an intimidating monster. Todd is Erin's best friend. Todd is only three feet tall and has had a crush on Erin since high school. He loves how much bigger and stronger she is than him. She completely towers over him. His head doesn't even come up to her knees. Her arms and legs are wider than his entire body. He's always getting picked up by her and carried around in her arms like a little baby. He loves the feeling of having such a big soft body pillow to cuddle with. He's never met anyone else like Erin before. She was like a goddess.

You make amazing comics/renders of my favorite fantasy, huge muscular women with superhuman power and an insatiable sexual appetite. Have you ever considered making a sequel to Growing Love? It would be so sexy to see the two superhuman couples go on a naked sex filled rampage through the city, using their massive strength and invulnerable bodies to destroy everything in their paths in so many erotic and sexy ways. I have some sexy thoughts and ideas I would love to share with you if I can?

hello there I am new here

Robolord123 for honor your Emma,Ivana,Roxy and Victoria.I made this artwork for you.

Artwork From User OC 400

You are welcome.I am so glad you like it so much. :)