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Accessible Aero Windows 7



Hello, guys!

I am a happy Windows 7 x64 user since 1st of January 2010. Since day one, I wasn't happy about the default aero theme, because it is too transparent and the titlebars texts are not visible on dark wallpapers and such. So, last week I thought of doing something different. Here's a windows aero theme done by me, based on the default Aero theme. I just changed what I thought it lacks contrast.

Don't forget to carefully read the installation instructions included in the ZIP, to avoid any unpleasing results.

For comparative screenshots, go here, on my blog: [link]

So, here it's what this theme features:
* considerably less transparent glass, a dark glass
* white text title bars with black glows, so they are readable irrespective of the background of the window
* increased contrast in the title bars for the Basic mode, when not using Aero and I also adjusted the caption buttons accordingly by enhancing the contrast between the glyphs and the buttons.
* a much darker taskbar in Basic mode, making the clock and popup titles of the applications running, much more readable
* a darker Start menu in Basic mode
* increased contrast for the Alt-Tab application switcher in Basic mode
* added a strong white glow to Alt-Tab app switcher to make the the title visible
* made text fields slightly more visible
* defined a clear difference between active and inactive text fields, making the borders thicker
* a more visible highlighting color for menus, popups menus, while trying to maintain the default look
* file column headers in Explorer or other applications, are enhanced as well; more visible and a more clear border between them
* changed the gray color of tooltips to black for increased readability
* added dark glow to application titles in task bar and in the thumbnails to avoid situations when the titles are unreadable
* made the address bar, search field and the whole breadcrumb much more readable; brighter background and darker texts
* more visible separator in unlocked taskbar and other types of separators or window resize grippers
* bigger close button in taskbar pop-up thumbnails
* made the taskbar icons less wide, more ergonomic, both in Basic and Aero modes
* made more visible the MDI window buttons: close, minimize and restore/maximize
* restyled the whole taskbar to my personal taste

By now, it is clear what is my main purpose with this theme: readability, accesibility, hence the title. So, it is not about eye-candy, fancy designs, or not even originality.

Feel free to give me suggestions on how to improve it. I hope you guys find it useful.
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I'm still using this, every single day, so excellent work is all I can say.