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OC Exchange 04 - Lukas

Ahhh SO GLAD this month's exchange was a simple one, allowed me to participate even though I'm swamped!

Quickie of Lukas, *neo-dragon's rather eccentric scientist. HE IS ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITES OF HERS along with Cyrus. And Seiron. Hee. Finally got to drawing him for this swap!

I hope you like it!

Lukas and Fate Saga belong to *neo-dragon
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B'dawwwwwwwwww :iconiloveyouplz: I love eeeeet! Them big ol' eyes daww. <3

I like how his head-fin-things there help frame 'em along with the circular bg there.
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Thank you, I LOVE Lukas and it was great to finally draw him, Fate Saga has a lot of characters I really like ;_;
SassyRaptor's avatar
You are very welcome! 8D

Ahhh, I must check that out then. o:
StellasStar's avatar
Er mah GERD its so cute ;.; FFFFF You did an incredible job!!!
I love his head thingie! It looks like hair almost!
And those eyes are SOOO CUTE! You did an amazing job on him!
I love those backgrounds you do also!! XD AWESOME!!
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Thank you! He's one of my favorite Fate Saga characters...okay I say that about quite a few of them though, Cyrus and Seiron are up there in my book. LOL. Thanks so much!
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Adorable D: the tiny little claws that look like they could still scratch someone's eyes out are irresistible ;;
Robo-Shark's avatar
Thank you, hahah that sounds most fitting for him!
AllenPaw's avatar
awww he looks so cute. >w<
and his little tunic and feet and and and ;_; XD
Robo-Shark's avatar
Thank youuu C: I like drawing little dino feets!
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Naninadz's avatar
Also, I really like this guys design 8O
somehow the mask reminds me of an Egyption god XD
Robo-Shark's avatar
Ahhh thank you, the mask and his head frills made me think of Ancient Egypt too!
Saetje's avatar
whaat! so cute! Love the really clean lines and color.
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neo-dragon's avatar
AWWWWWWW :heart: Ohmygaaaaaaawd <happy frolicking> :iconexcitedplz: Lukas came out soooooo cute, eeeeuuuuggh!!!!!!!!!! I want to squish him!

I love his sweet, sad googly eyes. He looks so cuddly (I won't be fooled, though!)

Thank you so much, Jay!!! I love it!!!
Robo-Shark's avatar
Ahahah glad you like it! I always wanted to get to drawing Lukas, and I GOT LUCKY TO HAVE HIM ASSIGNED TO ME THIS TIME. He would make for an adorable adorable and possibly dangerous plushie, lol. You are welcome and thank you!
neo-dragon's avatar
AWWW Thank you!! He came out soooo cute! I love his teeny claws and how his coat sleeves are a little long on him! :love: Oh man, I'd loooove a Lukas plushie! He would be an adorable and possibly dangerous plushie. XD One day in the future, I want to commission you for a plushie for Lukas, Seiron and Rori. :heart:
Pheoniic's avatar
OMG That is just precious! ; 7 ;
You really got the cute down because Lukas is so adorable.

Gosh I swear as soon as I saw this I thought of the Egyptian god Ibis.
Robo-Shark's avatar
Thank you! I LOVE Lukas so this was my golden opportunity to do something for him...hahahah! And I thought of Ibis too HECK YES
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