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Happy Birthday Dana

Happy birthday neo-dragon ! I gotta make an actual Cyrus plush one of these days, but guess this little guy will have to do for now...

I love Cyrus, he and Seiron are my favorite Fate Saga characters and it's been too long since I've drawn him. I hope you have an awesome bday!
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Love the double-scythe there. o: Fantastic job on plushie-fying the character. Them button eyes are adorable. c:
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Thank you, I'd like to make him as an actual plush someday!
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No problem! ^^ And sweeeet! 8D
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Ahh that is so cute, I love the button eyes and the stitched mouth.  The stubby arms and feet are cute too!  I could totally imagine this as a real plush.
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Thank you, I do hope I can turn him into a real one someday!
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AHHHHH JAAAAY!!!  :squee:  I love it!!!!  He looks so adorable and soft and cuddle-able!  He even comes with his little double-bladed scythe and little button eyes!  Thank you so much!!! :love: :boogie: :squee: :dance: :hug:
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Aw so glad you like iiiit, I gotta make an actual plush of him one of these days |D Your birthday snuck up on me and I had to hurry and make SOMETHING at least, I'm glad you like my little doodle lol!
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