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celtic viking 5

By roblfc1892
celtic viking in modern jelling style =D [link]
now who's gonna tattoo this piece?????
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I LOVE this design...and several of your others! And would love to use them in my pyrography (wood/leather burnings). I'm starting a new line with a Norse flavor (I'm Swedish on my mother's side and identify strongly with my Scandinavian/Viking heritage!) Would you please pm me and let me know if I could purchase some of your art for this purpose?

Gorgeous work!

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you have a note
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Hey would you perhaps be willing to take orders? I'm looking for something quite in that style for a new tattoo of mine.
I'm not rich but I will obviously pay for your work.
The only complicated things are the elements I want in the design (but don't worry it's not unreasonable either).

Hoping to hear from you soon. If you could email me or answer here that'd be great, even if negative!!

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send me an email to
Could you please contact me
Chris Monberg
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you have a note
I love this. I work in vinyl and would love to give this a try if it's ok with you.
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thanx, you have note...
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There is no such thing as a Celtic viking. I should know. I am Irish. I was born and raised in Cavan Ireland. 
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this is art, not i don't get it...
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He IS correct, there is no such thing as a Celtic Viking.  What he DOESN'T seem to know is that what most people think of as "Celtic" interlacing is actually NORSE interlacing, brought over with the Vikings... So, this "Celtic" Viking is actually more truly Norse than you originally thought.  A LOT of what people think of as Celtic artwork is actually Norse.

The Celts aren't IRISH either...  The Celts came from the German area of Europe, migrated to what is now Scotland, and THEN migrated to what is now Ireland, and then some of them came back to Scotland...  And then the Vikings came, and brought the Irish and Scottish interlacing...

:-) Oh, and Celtic Viking might be the wrong way to look at it... I would go with a Viking Celt....  A Celt taken away by the Vikings and integrated into Viking society...

One way or another, I love this piece!
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I love your images...
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incredible artwork
Love your work that I have seen so far. Hope to see many more.
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Wonderful wonderful work.
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you're welcome, I love your work, is amazing!!!:excited: :happybounce: 
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Very beautiful Oo
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