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The Dark Knight Returns

Been a good while since I did any personal artwork, but I finally got round to reading ‘The Dark Knight Returns’…. and HOLY AMAZEBALLS that was good!

The incredible art really inspired me to go do an OTT painting of The Dark Knight

EDIT: Lots of requests through other media for a wallpaper size, so here it is:…

EDIT 2: For prints, please contact me via my Facebook Page:…

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This is absolutely brilliant. I love this so much!
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This image summarises pretty damn well the whole feeling of the story! Loved it!
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Funnily, I started this as soon as I started reading, and as I got further into the story, the more driven I was to complete it!
Thanks for stopping by! :D
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Anytime. You know, this would look pretty cool as a special edition cover for the comic. If I were a new reader, I'd feel really attracted by a cover like that!
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That would be so awesome to do some cover art! :)
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Thanks for stopping by!

Though I'd appreciate if before you spam my comments here, you please get your facts right.
This is clearly my piece of art: this was posted before the reddit post, it is a higher res than the reddit post, and there are links on reddit/imgur directing you here.
I am well aware my roommate posted it on reddit.
Hi, interested in buying a print but would like it slightly larger, specifically 20" x 14". Can you accomodate? email at pmjoc at outlook dot com please?
Just realized I can order the right size as a photo. Your print is awesome! cant wait to see it in person :)
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Haha thank you very much for ordering.
I hope you enjoy it. :-)
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epic job!!!really awesome
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Great Work :happybounce: Clap 
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Awesome concept!
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Thank you very much :thumbsup:
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What a truly creative concept.  Captures Batman's spirit and his connection with his city nicely!
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Thanks, that novel really shows his connection to the city and how much they need/hate him, and I wanted to at least allude to that!
Glad it came across well :)
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