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My friend commissioned me to do a couple of Batman Paintings for him printed out huge. This is the first one and I'm working on the second one now.

I am available for commissions: characters landscapes etc, send me a note for details.
I can do prints and post internationally, though that will obviously add to the costs :)
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This picture is absolutely wonderful, wanted to see the picture for myself after I saw it in a video:
Amazing art work!!!
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Absolutely amazing work. Kudos!
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Kinda sucks some dipshit on Instagram tried to put a filter on it and claim it as his

(Fortunately he got called out and got featured on r/quityourbullshit)
Robjenx's avatar
I saw that! Yeah it happens, art gets stolen all the time, especially by those services advertising on Facebook selling prints :(
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it was facebook, i believe, but same difference :)
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wow.....just wow. I got chills seeing this. 
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Sacre bleu, seems Mr. Wayne had to take "some vacations" in Paris
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Amazing work and detail!
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 I really love the color and the textures created with those brush strokes.

 lots of detail but none of it distracts away from Bat-Man.

 Your details work to attract attention to Bat-Man.

 Bat-man instantly POPs.

 a Good picture is not a lot of detail but how it is used.

 Your control over detail is excellent.

 This is a very cool picture.
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woooah thats awesome

Amazing work ^^
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It's so cool. 
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Great painting.
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Very nice work!
chrisredfield1994's avatar
a dark kinght came at city
Boneater57's avatar
Why is he at Notre Dame?
Dreanpinup's avatar
Because Batman is french! :)
Boneater57's avatar
... kay... I guess...
Dreanpinup's avatar
...or in vacation :)
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na na na ana na na  na na  na na  na  na na BATMANNN
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that is great, it is a fantastic piece!
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Yeah a friend directed me there earlier, what a prick! 
Sadly the page has apparently been deleted before I could have my say!
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This deserves a slot in my epics collection. 

The atmosphere, the details and the colors all blend perfectly together.

I am surprised that this is not a DD
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