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A little fanart/experiment. I really wish Nintendo would make another 2D Metroid game.
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This art is gorgeous. I'd LOVE to play a Metroid game with this style.

Yes one done in the vein of fusion and zero mission

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COMPLETELY AMAZING. Maybe this could make a really great fangame.
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Great work! It would be interesting to see this motion...
...then I can play it in all it's glory! The art looks like a mix between Prime, and Zero Mission!
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Nice, it is beautiful.
Awesome work.
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I want this

Create this

do it


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Stunning drawing !
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Looks awesome! And yes, a new 2D Metroid game would really be nice. Samus needs more love!
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Very similar area in Samus Returns
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Well, you got your wish! Even though it isn't sprite based...
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Yeah finally! Also Metroid Prime 4, super hyped!
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I want another prime esk game
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I know. I'M SO EXCITED! Now I want to know what the heck Retro Studios has be working on for the past 3 years.
It isn't a retro studios project
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I know but Retro has been working on something.
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Maybe with Unreal Engine 4?
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Yeah, I really wish there would be a game that would look like this..
I love Metroid and this style combined with it looks awesome! Well done.
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