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Crowley - Faith

Help, Im in love with a demon. Thought I'd add the window light and then the symbolism ended up being a nice coincidence. 


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oh god his pained expression is killing me ;A;
cestakrve's avatar
that is so amazing! Love that expression, chin line, eyes worried, lovely!
atram95's avatar
Your draw is Magnificent!! Congratulation I love it!!

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GNGTNT105's avatar
Oh come now Crowley, don’t give me that look. How can I not fall in love with this guy?! He’s damn charming I tell ya! 
RobinRBlake's avatar
ikr! so charming haha, must be the demonic seduction powers 
GNGTNT105's avatar
He doesn’t need the powers to seduce people he has that charm on his own 🙂
RobinRBlake's avatar
ahah true enough 
CianRhapsody's avatar
Your Good Omens art is great. When not on the wreck that it mobile I need to check out more of your gallery. Beautiful lighting, love the angle you chose and his eyes
RobinRBlake's avatar
Thank-you so much!! ahah, every time I open the mobile app I usually close it 2 min later, such a pain 
Zinefangirl's avatar
I think I am falling for him!
RobinRBlake's avatar
its very hard not to haha 
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