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Goshouwa kudasai ware no na wo!!
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Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger: Henshin [FINAL VERSION] by robinosuke, visual art

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Hey how's it going, wonderful earthlings? Thanks for visiting and welcome to my humble profile! As for my introduction, (that prolly no one's interested lol) I'm Robin, an avid Digimon, Ultraman, Medarot, Rockman Exe, Bleach, Gundam Seed, Zoids and Dragon Ball fan from Philippines. I came up with the name of Robinosuke from obviously, my own name and have it mixed with traditional japanese like suffix such as "suke". So, Robinosuke, and you could pronounce it as "Ro-bi-nos-'ke", (much like Sasuke, Ryuunosuke, Sanosuke) not "Ro-bi-no-suuuuu-ke". lols. So yoroshiku onegaishimasu! You could see a lot of SD (Super Deformed) pixel arts which was trended among toku fans here at DeviantArt few years ago. The idea was based from a Japanese Indie Manga Artist known as NAO who started this kind of pixel vanilla pose aka GMaskot but unfortunately, her website was no longer active (…). And from there, I was hoping to continue the legacy of this neat hobby, of course with the help of my long time friends and "senpai", and and a lot more! So kindly visit their respective profiles and enjoy tons of SD arts. Aaaand my deepest apologies from being an edgy individual during my early years. My mind can't comprehend a lot of requests, trolls and such stuffs. I will try to do my very best effort to be a good example to the community So jumping to F.A.Q.s _____________________________________________________________ Q: Are you taking requests like OCs [original characters] or gif animations? A: Again, my apologies but it's a No. My arts always depends on my current interests. If I'm hooked with this or that series, I may or may not do it. If I did it, I'm not sure if I'm willing to complete it. So hope it's all clear that I have my own pace when it comes to creating stuffs. BUT I appreciate everyone who wants to see their faved characters with the use of my skills. But yeah, sorry. _____________________________________________________________ Q: Can you teach me how to make an SD? A: As I learned how to use photoshop with no proper training, I'm the least person that you could ask for a tutorial, HAHAHA! But here are some tips; Try to practice using MS Paint. Then go for photoshop for an advance experience and get some templates. You could use any of my art, but But BUT BUUUUT! Don't forget to ask a permission, and give credits if you're planning to share a modified work, not just from me, but also from anyone else, 'KAY???? OSSU!!! _____________________________________________________________ Q: Hey, why you no do POWER RANGEEERS???? A: Not to be a purist, but I figured out that are lots of SD artist who could excel on the US adaptations. So there's that. _____________________________________________________________ So thank you so much for reading my intro and faqs. Also, don't forget to visit our DA group, Where most of the SD artists gather! Hope you're having a great day! Ciaooo~

Favourite Visual Artist
Watanabe Kenji, Kubo Tite, Akira Toriyama, Jack Kirby and Olivier Coipel
Favourite Movies
Digimon, Ultraman, Kamen Rider, Bleach, Super Sentai , and DB
Favourite TV Shows
Ultraman, Digimon, Rockman Exe, Dragon Ball, Bleach, Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Medarot, Zoids
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Wada Koji, Miyazaki Ayumi, AiM, Aqua Timez, Miwa, SCANDAL, Earth Wind and Fire, EXILE, E-Girls, Happiness
Favourite Books
Bleach, MARVEL
Favourite Games
Tales of Phantasia, Bleach, GTA SA, FFVII, FFBE, FFXIII, Dokkan Battle, Digimon Masters Online, Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth, Digimon ReArise, ULTRAMAN BE ULTRA, ROCKMAN X DIVE
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, android
Hellooooooooo Zawame Shiti! lols HOW ARE YOU GUYS!? Again, It's been awhile, I really missed this page. Soooo, I've been so busy with my current job right now. I'm just watching toku stuffs every sunday then reading comics every thursday to quench my hobby stuffs. And right now, I've managed to update my spider-man pixels, and I'll update it later on. Hope you could still enjoy it. Have a happy weekend everyone! :D Thwip thwip~
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Will just do a small rounds here. because it's tooooo awesome for me, and also a great honor Since those staffs in Dino Charge have used my fan made wallpaper: to their mock up initial concept of their book: pretty great for me Since I like Dino Charge compare to the previous seasons. :) source:
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It's been a while folks since I've updated my arts. Lately I've lost interest on toku, but I won't leave it. Because it is one of my foundation to this kind of talent that has given to me and also to my other SD friends/artist. It's just TQG and Drive doesn't get the fanboy inside me. Sorry Explanation aside, some of you doesn't know that I really love Spider-Man universe since childhood. I also attempted to some pixel arts of him way back then, which I immediately cancelled. But now, I want to continue everything, show the Earth 616 Costumes, Spider people, spider totems, and also the alternate reality/universe, ALL OF THE SPIDER MULTIVER
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Request: Kyoryuger Main 6 Unhenshined by Crimson Cafe

Gokaiger Ninninger Kiramager are 3 Teams Unhenshined by crimson cafe

Gokaiger Ninninger Kiramager are 3 Teams Unhenshined by crimson cafe

Dude your animation has really gotten so good

Merry Christmas Merry christmas everybody Santa fella (Universe) Pika Merry Christmas - fella (Universe) Christmas Classic Sonic Merry Christmas sign Christmas- Plusle Christmas- Minun and Happy New Year too:HappyNewYear: 
You are awesome.
I love your artwork! They’re just done so perfectly well! ❤️💙💛💖💚🖤