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WizardBrew - The Mermaid Show


An impression of the main characters of 'Wizard Brew'. It's for a comic that will be released soon! :) 

' In this story we follow a young spell caster named Maverick. He is a potion brewer and has the skills to liquefy his spell effects. And in a poor attempt to make a living, he sells those spells as magic potions. But he's far from rich, basically because he's lazy, rude and lacks skill. Yes, he's  a quacksalver.

But recently things have changed for the better. Mavericks famous uncle; the wizard of the West passed away and surprisingly left him his magic cauldron. A sophisticated talking kettle to be precise, which boost the effects of all spells made with it. Now for the first time in his life Maverick is finally making some money of his magic. And the cauldron is for the first time of his life outdoor, on the streets...stuck with one of the worst wizards ever.'

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First of all this piece is really good, and the following is going to be really tearing it apart to comment on the things that make it good and the things that could be done to improve it.

Is the comic 'Wizard Brew' yours? If so, then major points for originality. It's not everyday that one sees a same sex mermaid couple. Even if they do, it's probably not a satire of real world 'peep shows'. This brings me to the sign itself - the mermaids seem to be shaded with regards to the lamp at the top right of their sign. This seems a little unrealistic, unless the mermaids are 3d the lamp wouldn't add any dimensions/shadow to them. Unless the hypothetical artist who painted them took the lamp placement into consideration - but more likely they would just be flat colors, with the shading and dimensions only on the wood itself.

The lighting in general is very good, the small secondary light of the man lighting the cigarette is a nice touch. Maybe extend it a bit farther though, it only touches his hands, it could light his chin/lips/ maybe even nose as well. The eyes on his cauldron look very bright, if they glow, they could be used as a small secondary light source as well.

The lighting and positions of everything really meshes well. Having all the colors be very similar works well because (I'm assuming it's night, for one) and giving the bright pink on the man's jacket brings focus to him. This is great because it's not too bright, but still brings attention to where the viewer is supposed to be focusing. The green of the cacti and the greenish black and gray of his other clothes does lessen this affect however. A way to make him pop against the background would be to make his outline a bit thicker.

The small details I really enjoy are: the barnacles growing on the corner of the sign, the dripping candle wax, the small amount of stars in the sky (due to light pollution? as I notice this seems to be a large town or city), and the fact that all the buildings in the back have a distinctly desert feel to them and are still all unique. The desert style of architecture and the cacti in opposition to the mermaids creates a feeling that the mermaids are a very attractive thing to have in this setting specifically.

Things to try in future pieces: variation in line thickness, and addition of textures.

I hope this helps c:
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Hey Lychnus :) Thank you for your feedback, I really appriciate it and I will try to apply all your feedback to see if the image improves.


And speficcally: 


You are right about the girls shadows. I tried to light them from the oposite direction at first, but I notice that I didn't follow through with that- that's my mistake. I'll fix that for sure, thanks :) And I will also try to add some more light on his face, that sounds nice.


About Wizard Brew; yes it's my own concept and I'm glad to hear you think it's origional- and I'm very happy to read that you notice all the small details in the image :) I love fantasy, but I really like to give my own twist to it. So the story takes place in a desert (mining) town, where the mermaids do their very popular show :)    


I'll submit more Wizard Brew art soon,


Thanks again!






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I'm glad you found my crit helpful c:
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Beautiful work of art ~Mina : icon by Nafyo  !!
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Awesome image and i love the premise. Very good overview of the story. Makes me want to have it in NOW!
When can we expect this? Can you say?
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Hey thanks! I already finished issue one - and if everything goes as planned, it will be printed in a dutch monthly comic magazine a few months :)  
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A very awesome story setup, extremely interesting and original premise, can't wait to hear more :), I wish you success with it ^^.
Also an awesome image as always, everything about the character feels like the description you've given him and I look forward to seeing more and maybe some character interaction with the talking kettle ^^.
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Thanks, I'm glad you like it!! This is a project that I've been working on for months, but I haven't told much about it yet. But now the comic gets published soon, I feel it's time to share the story here :)  
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Wow, months! Awesome :D, congratulations!
Really hope all the work pays off for you, I'm sure it will at least be awesome :).
Sweet, look forward to seeing whatever more of the story you share here ^^!
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Impressive work, and it immediately shows the mood of the comics. Low fantasy, with a bit of good humor and and not excessive mature thematics. Am I right? :)
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Thanks ValenUA - And yes, your observation is spot on :)
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