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Temple Of Rain Map


I'm working on a short D&D story that I currently play with my players. The story is about a rumor of a group of traders that are stuck in the jungle. They are sitting on a large treasure that they hide in 'the temple of rain' (as you can see in this map). They boobytrapped the place to secure their treasure! But there will be another challenge here and that is the rising water that will change the scene when it starts to rain :) 

The players are broke & need some money to get off the island again, so this is a good opertunity... (I'll tell more about it later). When I find the time, I will finish this map & the whole adventure (containing 4 maps) and put it online for your entertainment! 

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Beautifully made :)
Do you do cartoon maps?
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I can so see this in an actual 3D Game.
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That's a really nice compliment, thank you! :)
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Also there are pirates. Everything is better with pirates!
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Thanks again Jacob!
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Your very welcome :)
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No prob! Looking forward to more D&D related stuff :)
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Right now I'm pretty occupied with making comics, but I will get back to posting more D&D stuff soon! :)
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Yeah, I saw some of your work on various social networks... good stuff! :D
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no prob! Coffin Crushers looks rad ;)
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You're welcome! Gotta love some colorful D&D :)
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Looks great to me.
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