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Map of Titanos

So this is the world where my current D&D campaign takes place! The world is shaped by the corpses of mythical super creatures called Titanos, which are now turned to stone. My players spend most of their time in the eye of the Manticore and are now just returning from the White Desert. The climax of this story will take place in the super hot core of the Burning earth, a place of wild magic that is home to the beholders and other most dangerous monsters.

..and I also created a comic that follows a different story, but is set in the same world :)

More on this can be found on my blog: [link]
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I really like this map a lot so I might as well critique it. I think you made a wise choice in using a lot of bright colors. It really brings the image to life. I could definitely see an rpg game or pokemon game happening on here. My only grip is that I can't read any of the words that you wrote at all. It might be just my computer though, but not being able to read the words really detracts from the value of the map. That being said, I saw this in %WorldBuildersGuild and it really stands out.
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Thanks EKKnight,

I'm happy to hear that you like the colors, and if it reminds you of a RPG game, that's great! 

I fully agree about the text, it's not the best font at all, especially not scaled down like this. if I find some time, I'll look into it and be sure to update this image :)

Thanks again! 

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Wow, very cool! :D Thought it was from a video game!
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Thanks; I do design maps for games, but this one was just for our D&D game :)
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I really like the way the forest snakes around the landscape.
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How long did this take you to make?????
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Wel, (not taking in account comming up with the idea and the fact that this is a '3D'version of a flat map I made before this one) about a day, so 8-12 hours :)  
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I find myself wanting to find a wall-sized version of this just so I can find every creature in the landscape. I do have one criticism, and that is that the text isn't legible. That's a matter of font rather than colour and contrast though.
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Hey, you have a valid point there Regitnui ;) The font isn't great, I have to be more carefull with that. Thanks!                

And about that wall sized version; this is a detailed location of the area left of the Manticore it's nose: :)

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Whoa. Loving the style and the color!
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Looks very Neverland.. Nice  :)
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That's the feeling I aimed for :) Thanks Thyme71
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The pictures jump off the page at ya.
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awesome piece (echt heel gaaf!)
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Thanks! (Dankjewel, jou maps zijn trouwens ook erg cool hoor!)
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What a really cool idea!  Well done!
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Super cool. I love the anthropomorphized land features, goes with the myth quite nicely. Sounds like a great campaign!
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