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Map of Magica4


This is where the story of my next comic takes place- it’s an abandoned mining town right in the middle of the white desert gate buildings. And it's also a location in my current D&D campaign :) 

It's  part of this world:… 


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This brings me right back to my youth and one of my favorites books, I believe it's called the Kingdom of Fantasy. It had neat little maps for every place they would visti, andthis brings me right back to that.

Awesome drawing, awesome concept and just awesomeness :D
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Thanks, that's nice to hear :)
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Cool! I love the use of the side and bottom bar. 500 XP Points more for a novel idea.  Oh hell, 500 more for the art itself.
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Thanks for the xp, finally I got to my next level!
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I tell you something right now; if i didn't want a more realistic look for Sebrica, I'd certainly ask you to do all the art.

Comments: I like they way some of the buildings look like skulls/faces, as it kinda continues the theme of the large map. I see the Pac-Man reference and like it.
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Thanks Regitnui, that's a great compliment :)


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Really cool. I am a fan of the cartoonish look. My only gripe is that I cannot read the descriptions due to the low resolution even in zoom mode.
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Thanks DarthAsparagus ! And the text is 'dissolved' on purpose, for it gives away some story clues ;)  
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Magnificent stuff!!
All the best!
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You're welcome, my friend! :D
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I really really loved it!! Congrats !
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Nice cartoonish looking! We can really appreciate the details, that's for sure ;)
Very effective indeed!
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Thanks Fred73fr ! And you made some great maps yourself!
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Thanks, I need to push the details and colours far above to be satisfy though ...
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Awesome detail! I really like the colors too! :D
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As always your environments are absolutely incredible :D, I love the design of the place and how it is drawn here, looks like a really great setting, your D&D campaign must be tons of fun for sure. Great to see more context in regards to your comic :).
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