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Hey everybody! Galatea is uploaded into the gallery, just in time for the eve of Women’s History Month! Feel free to take a look and leave a fave or comment!
"Oh, I'm sorry.  Was that yo' nuclear warhead I just disarmed?"

Tanya Spears was quite the prodigy for her age.  At the age of 15, she was at the head of her high school's class, and an intern under Karen Starr herself.  It all seemed that life would go great for her.  Sadly, all that came to a swift end.  One day, as she was on her way to work, she was caught in the heart of an explosion caused by an underground gas leak.  She was picked up by "paramedics" who said they would treat her, despite the fact that she was seriously injured.  In reality, Tanya's brilliant mind caught the attention of CADMUS.  They abducted her and experimented on her, splicing her genetic makeup with Kryptonian DNA, which had been acquired from Superman after his fight with Doomsday.  The failure of cloning a new Superman gave them insight on an idea to inject his DNA into a human.  Tanya was the "volunteer" they were looking for, as part of a project that would counteract the Justice League, in case they used their powers to take over the world. 

Tanya emerged with new superhuman powers, and soon adopted the codename Galatea, after the figure in Greek Mythology.  With her new superhuman strength, she was partnered up with three other metahuman youths as part of the new team: the Ultimen.  Tanya enjoyed the life of being a superhero, but was overwhelmed by the fame that came with it.  Her new teammates, Shifter, Downpour and Juice, did not seem to mind it at all, and were getting bored with it seemingly.  Yet then one day, she began to develop new powers all on her own.  Tanya realized immediately that something was wrong.  After doing some digging around, she soon found out the truth: her teammates were merely the current batch from the same doomed experiment of creating superpowered clones with falsely implanted memories, and they were unstable.  Being the only true metahuman on the team, Tanya was safe from the fate of death by cellular degradation.  Yet when her teammates found out the truth, they rebelled.  Tanya knew she had to stop her ex-teammates.  Knowing that there was no way she could stop their cellular makeup from deteriorating even further, she was forced to fight her old friends.  This, however, met the attention of the Titans, who were forced to intervene.  Tanya helped however she could in detaining her ex-teammates, and managed to aid in subduing the Ultimen.  With her teammates' fates being certain, Tanya knew that she had to learn how to properly control her powers, and the Titans were there to offer her a real chance to fight as a hero.  So, Galatea accepted the offer and became a full fledged Teen Titan!  

Ok, so I decided to rename Tanya as Galatea, because I wanted to avoid the confusion of having there be two Power Girls.  Most of her backstory was inspired by the episode of Justice League Unlimited, Ultimen.  I also modified the outfit she wore in the comics to help her withstand the hot Californian sun.  As for the dreadlocks, I felt those would look more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  At Titans Academy, Tanya is the mentee of both Cyborg, Nightwing and Supergirl, based on her intelligence and fighting prowess.  She is also best friends with Robin (Tim Drake), Bunker, Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark), Ravager and Ms. Martian. 

Disclaimer:  Tanya Spears belongs to D.C. Comics and Paul Levitz 
Comin’ up next: In honor of Black History Month, it’s Tanya Spears, AKA Galatea!
If any of you have read what DC Comics has just done in the recent issues of Nightwing and with Heroes in Crisis, then you probably are just as upset and angry at Dan DiDio as I am.  Okay, I can forgive wanting to revamp the look of some heroes because of Superman sales decreasing, which was what led to the New 52, but what just happened in the recent comics?  I will never forgive DiDio for his recent and blatant disregard of what many of us who are Titans fans would consider blasphemy!  I don’t care what his reasons are, he never should have approved that in any way in my opinion.  This is just as bad as killing off Lian Harper in Cry for Justice, and destroying Wonder Woman’s mythos in Amazons Attack!  

Therefore, I am announcing to my watchers, none of these events will happen to my takes on these beloved characters.  They are some of the most vital members of the Titans, Batman Family, Team Arrow and the Flash Family, and they must be well respected and held in high regard!  


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Charles V DeLeo
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I'm a big fan of DC Comics and anime, and that is reflected in my art. My feelings for the New 52 are mixed, but email me if you want to know my opinion on that. I've done some fanfic series set in the DC Universe that I'd be happy to share with those who ask. If you'd like to collab on something with me, then shoot me a message and let's see what we can come up with!

Thanks! Look forward to posting more art!

DISCLAIMER: All characters in the Art I post all belong to DC Comics. I own nothing!



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