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Alt DLC Stages - With NPC

UPDATE: I kind of forgot that all DLC stages (including these alt stages) don't have the KO transition, thus I also forgot to disable the KO transition (which come from the original base stage) that can possibly cause crash/desync when it is triggered during the fight (especially in online match), sorry about that.

I know there aren't many people will use this mod, but anyway I am just doing this for fun as I got the idea from browsing around. Okay, here you are ;)

Install the mod with whatever method (MM/PMM/~mods folder) you prefer.
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Nice! 휼륭한모드 감사합니다. 받아갈께요 ^^
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can you make a color costume for balrog c1 like ex color or redbull colors please bro
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Not sure I can do it or not.
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I like stages without people in the background.
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Then it's okay to not use this mod, it's your choice anyway.
I misunderstood from the image. I though it removed some of the npcs so the background wasn't so busy.
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I see, sorry for not explaining the detail of the mod in the description area as it was actually the opposite from your initial thought.
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