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So imaginative and unique! Well done. This is also unnerving. Snapping turtles are dangerous, if she’s not careful that thing will chomp her tiddy clean off! 
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Your detail on your figures is SO good! I love your artwork! <3
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Thank you very much! 
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Dem Cajun gals is SPICY as dar snap T soup! Gumbo down in'teh Bathtub!
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LOVE ALL UR WORKS, is there another social media with yoours uptades?
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Thanks!  I am afraid this is the only place to find updates.  I have been practicing over the past few months and hope to post more soon.
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Man, I really love this picture SO much! Having recently done a sea turtle, albeit a very cartoony one, it was cool to come across this nicely realistic rendition with such nice composition and setting. I love those matte brown colors too. It's nice to see something original. Thanks for sharing!
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Thanks!  I did a ton of research on that turtle.  I really had fun drawing him.  Thanks again!
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this is so gr8 omGGGGGG
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Thanks...twas a bitch a bitch to draw.  Glad you like!
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I hate when u have 2 fight ur drawing to get it done lmaO
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Ok, this is weird. In a realistic way, but still. 
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I like weird...better than dull I suppose.
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Oh man, so fucking good! I love everything about this
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You're very welcome
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