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Space Walk UPDATED FOR 1903

for some reason the msstyle file wasnt included but that has been FIXED

niivu hooked it up with 1903 support! He also added a top taskbar option! excited to have everyone be able to use it now!

Finally releasing one of my modded themes! 

KDr3w Nemo theme re-imagined.  Hope you don't mind! I love the theme! 

Wallpaper Also by me!!

niivu for helping me get started
devillnside for telling me to release these!

the icons I will be putting together in a zip file of all the .ioc files I used.


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Anyone tried this on 20H2 yet?

i did it is super good

not working on mine, though

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sadly didn't work on my win 10 :(

Please give me the Start Orb

woahaoah!!! great

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sooo... what about wallpaper?^^;

Nice one. My first download.

Really an ART !

Some of the texture are glitched/kinda mixed up with my previous custom theme that I downloaded (lovelace)

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Hey, this is beautiful! Amazing work.

My taskbar doesnt change but the folders do get the teal line on the side.

I wonder if Im installing this wrong.

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Is this will work on 1909?


Where can I download or buy a picture with an astronaut?:)

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this makes me wanna have windows 10 now


May I know there is any video to teach how to install the theme?

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hey, any luck for 1909?

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Apply on 1909 and works just fine (I only apply visual style, no *.dll or anything so it's my usage, maybe not for everyone). Can confirm the visual style works on 1909.
can you add me on discord i need some help
jfk peeked my scout#8894

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WTF man!! XD FINALLY some REALLY innovative Visual Style!! This is so very well done on so many levels.. I hope you continue doing Windows VS for a long time!!
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wow thank you so much! i absolutely will
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