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Snow Elves - The mana pools

By RobertoGatto
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Second painting for the mentorship with Tyler Edlin!   You can see entrance for this region in the first painting on the sides :D  More to come!

This region contains a huge fountain that was created by the ancient gods. The fountain used to be a small source of magic but during the millenias it became unstable releasing large streams of mana. The stability of magic is preserved thanks to dangerous but useful creatures that constantly feed on that mana keeping its level stable.
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Amazing landscape! The light works obviously really well. I wonder what casts the shadow in the foreground - just because of cloud cover or a mountain blocking the light's path? 
I also see that parts of the rocky mountains in the background are too steep for trees to grow. Love those details - it's what makes a landscape real!

Btw I checked out Tyler Edlin's site, I see he has some tutorials on youtube. I'll check them out, thanks for mentioning and enjoy his mentorship! ;)
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Thank you! 

Btw the stuff about light and tree it's because this is inside a huge cave :)
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Ah ok, thank you for answering!
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The mana rivulets look so cool!
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Looks fantastic.