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Doom Patrol Superman!
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Commissioner Gordon: It's Bane. He trapped all of Gotham's police officers in the sewers. We need you back Batman, we need you back.

Batman: Don't worry, Commissioner Gordon, I know exactly what to do.

Commissioner Gordon: What?

Batman: I said I know exactly what to do.

Commissioner Gordon: Batman.

Batman: Yeah?

Commissioner Gordon: You seriously need to suck on a fuckin' throat lozenge.

*in town*

Batman: Bane.

Bane: Ah, Batman, or should I say Bruce Wayne, welcome to the rook.

Batman: Enough, set the police officers free, or else!

Bane: Or else what?

Batman: Or else, I will kill all of the firstborn children of Gotham City!

Bane: You'll, you'll do what?

Batman: I said, I will kill all of Gotham's firstborn children.

*Bane laughs evilly*

Bane: Brilliant, Batman, why didn't I think of that?

Batman: Huh?

Bane: Perhaps, we got off on the wrong foot, Batman. I think we should work together, collaborate.

Batman: Shit, *pulls out his cell phone* Commissioner Gordon.

Commissioner Gordon: Hello?

Batman: My plan isn't working.

Commissioner Gordon: Get Superman.

Batman: Superman?

Commissioner Gordon: Yeah.

Batman: He'll know what to do? Got it.

Commissioner Gordon: Oh, and get some mix, vapor, and rub.

Batman: Mix, vapor, rub, got it. I'll pick some up, from Walgreens.

Commissioner Gordon: You're really messing up.

Batman: I'm sorry sir, I'm doing my best.

Bane: Your best? Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home and fuck the prom queen.

*in the Fortress of Solitude*

Superman: So, the police officers are trapped in the sewers, and Gotham is overrun with criminals?

Batman: Yeah.

Superman: Simple, same thing happened in Metropolis once.

Batman: Oh yeah?

Superman: Yeah, first, you gotta fly really high. *makes a flying sound effect*

*Batman writes it down*

Batman: Fly really high, got it.

Superman: I exited the atmosphere for dramatic effect. And then, dive into the ocean so fast that it creates a tsunami.

*Batman writes this down too*

Batman: Tsunami, got it.

Superman: Yeah, you wanna flood all of Gotham, so that even the tallest building is underwater.

Batman: I should drown everybody?

Superman: Yep, everyone and everything, I don't care if it's babies and kittens, they should be chokin' on water, except for say, Commissioner Gordon, save him and his family, so that they can incestuously repopulate Gotham after everyone is dead.

Batman: And you're sure that's the best solution, then?

Superman: Yep.

Batman: Got it. Thanks, Superman, you sure are heroic.

Superman: No problem, *pulls out a bottle* but be sure to drink this first.

Batman: Oh wow. Will this give me super powers like yours?

Superman: Um, no Batman, that's NyQuil.

Batman: Um....
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You're a beast!! Awesome work!!
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This is one boy scout you wouldn't want to mess with.
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The take reminds me of Ed McGuinness's style. Nice color choices.
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The linework on this is phenomenal.
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Excellent Superman drawing you have great talent.
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Wow! I like the costume.
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i wish i could paint my art as well as this, nice job
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Wow, love this one :) The art style, inks and those colors :D
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Wow, so cool! Excellent work, great detail, especially the definition in the muscles.
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Is it a bird?!
Is it a plane?!
No its superman!
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