The Nostalgia Critic vs The Angry Videogame Nerd
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My depiction of one of my favorite rivalries of all time.

The Angry Videogame Nerd introduced me to the world of Internet Reviewers, and my friend turned me on to the Nostalgia Critic, and I soon became a fan of both reviewers. They were clever, insightful, and hilarious each in their own way.

Their "rivalry" was some of the funniest bits I've seen either of them perform, especially their epic "fight to the finish." In real life, Doug Walker (The Nostalgia Critic) and James Rolfe (The Angry Videogame Nerd) are friends and have a great working relationship with one another. But they played up their childish feud for all it was worth as their respective alter ego, much to the amusement of many of their followers. I still laugh at the Critic RUNNING to fight with the Nerd, who was in another state entirely.

What I love about their feud was that there really was no reason they should be feuding. The two of them have completely different styles and review two completely genres. The Critic reviews movies, and carefully dissects what works and what doesn't. You may not always agree with his feelings on the film he is reviewing, but he always makes a good case for his position. The Nerd is more stream of consciousness in his style. He doesn't stick with one game all the way through, and often goes off on (sometimes completely unrelated) tangents. He more focuses on the frustrations with the game. But like the Nerd, he does focus on what works and what doesn't. But still, neither reviewer infringes upon the other's "territory." The Critic had no reason to be threatened by the Nerd. And the Nerd had no reason to antagonize the Critic.

But I guess that was the point. It was fun seeing these two grown men engage in childish bickering simply for the sake of comedy. I'm glad that the two knew well enough to let the feud run it's course and didn't beat it to death with repeated "fights." It was great comedy, and something that still gives me giggles.
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MDTartist83| General Artist
Clash of the Titans! Or in this case, Clash of the Internet Reviewers! 
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MrDevilDice|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yo this art is sick
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The NC and the Nerd are fantastic reviewers, and I enjoy watching their videos?

Did you ever see the videos where they switch roles? The Nerd reviewing the film Ricky 1 and the Critic reviewing the Bebe's Kids SNES game. Funny stuff!
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