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Origins- Elizabeth Danvers lived a poor life, full of struggle.  Growing up in a fishing village, Danvers loathed seeing the rich tourists swing by in their yacht's and vessels every single year and having the rest of her town fawn all over them.  Danvers grew to despite the rich, which soon turned into her being motivated to steal from them every time they visited her home.  As time went on, she grew into a resourceful thief, using her stolen funds to start a salvaging operation which helped as a cover for her illicit activities.  Danvers life would change forever when she managed to scavenge an experimental military battlesuit that had been thought lost on the ocean floor, but in reality had been dragged away by the currents.  Danvers found that the battlesuit was specifically designed for undersea combat, transforming the wearer into a human torpedo.  Danvers modified it for her own use, adding even more weaponry to it, and embarked on a new career as the modern day pirate known as Seahunter.

As Seahunter, she made a name for herself as a cold blooded mercenary, taking on any job with ruthless efficiency.  She quickly build herself a sizeable base of operations, and was able to construct a high tech underwater vessel that aided her in her schemes.  She came into conflict with Starfighter when one of her jobs had her sinking a series of vessels in Valiant City's harbor, to which the young hero intervened.  Starfighter was able to bring Seahunter to justice, and while she would eventually escape, she would continue to clash with Starfighter time and again. 

Danvers epitomes the ideal of a pirate.  She is ruthless, savage, taking what she wants and not caring about who is left in her wake.  Her battlesuit, long modified to her own personal tastes, makes her an incredibly deadly opponent.  Already increasing her strength and offering a fair degree of protection, the suit allows Danvers to travel underwater at incredible speeds.  An experimental force field allows her to act as a human torpedo, smashing through ships and other vessels without taking on any damage to herself.  She is armed with a variety of weapons that can be swapped out and substituted depending on what she requires at the moment.  These include spears, lances, laser cannons and miniature torpedoes.  Her suit also has been modified to allow for short range flight, but not nearly as fast as Starfighter.  Of all of Starfighter's opponents, Seahunter is very likely the most skilled combatant.  Even without her suit, Danvers is a formidable opponent in hand to hand combat.  With her suit, she is easily able to take the fight to Starfighter and push him to his limit, especially when they battle underwater, the habitat where she has the natural advantage. 

Design- I knew I wanted a "Water" enemy for Starfighter.  But I didn't like the idea of the villain being able to control or be made of water.  It felt a little too flimsy for me.  So instead of going that route of making an elemental foe, instead I decided to make the character fit the theme by having them use the water as their home turf and base of operations.  Which would allow for a nice break and a change of locations if need be.

I kind of already had the basic design of Seahunter down, knowing I wanted a female character with a dome on her head and big shoulderpads.  From there, I tried to give her carapace and bodysuit the right amount of detail to present an "Aquatic" look to it, while avoiding having to make her suit look like it was made out of fish scales.

So, that's it for now.  But the next batch will focus on Starfighter's supporting cast, as well as go into more detail with Guardian Angel's various combat forms.  
Diamond Man
Origins- Stuart Gormley had dreams of being a big time stock broker.  He wanted to be like Gordon Gecko, a power broker, right in the thick of the action with all the finest luxuries and always in the heat of the action.  Unfortunately, Stuart didn't have the skills or the intellect to live that dream.  He believed it had to do with his soft, short pudgy body and lack of "Movie star" good looks.  But people kept informing him that he just wasted good at what he wanted to do.  Desperate after making so many poor deals, Stuart took to stealing from one of the chemical companies he had heard about during his attempts to sell stock for their company.  Knowing they were working on an experimental artificial silicon compound to create artificial diamonds, Stuart conned his way into the lab and made off with a sample, mistakenly believing he could sell it to a diamond company.  However, Stuart didn't get that far, as in an effort to avoid the lab's security, he accidentally injected himself with the compound.  Stuart fled back home, hoping the chemical would work itself out of his system. Unfortunately, it had the opposite effect, transforming Stuart's body into an organic diamond compound. 

At first shocked by his new appearance, Stuart soon learned that his new body came with it's own set of advantages.  He was far stronger now, and nearly invulnerable.  Stuart could also now grow diamond shards from his body, and alter aspects of his body to his whim, such as making his hands into spikes maces or claws made of diamond.  With his new abilities under his control, Stuart concocted a daring scheme.  Leaving his city of origin, Stuart embarked on a cross country crime spree, using his new abilities to break into banks in small towns and make off with all their cash, the randomness of the robberies preventing anyone from making a connection or determining where he would strike next.  After a while, Stuart had millions of dollars at his disposal.  Using his newfound funds, he paid off several individuals to create a new identity for him.  Changing his body into one that fit his ideal of the "Alpha Male," Stuart completed the disguise with lifelike latex skin he used to cover his silicon form and took on the identity of Justin Banks, a new hotshot wall street exec who set up shop in Valiant City. 

Now settled in his new home, "Justin" quickly became one of the top celebrities around town.  A hotshot stock broker who always managed to score huge financial wins for both himself and his clients. Unbeknownst to all, Justin wasn't scoring huge wins due to his sound financial choices.  Rather he would occasionally ditch his disguise as Justin Banks and rob various financial institutions as the Diamond Man to secure the funds to pad both his and his clients bank accounts.  These actions eventually brought him into conflict with Starfigther, who eventually exposed both Justin's scheme and his identity. 

Justin no longer regards himself as Stuart Gormley, becoming incensed whenever that factoid is brought up.  He is fully convinced of his genius and financial brilliance, and that he is a man of wealth and taste, despite being a two bit crook who got lucky.  His elitist attitude rubs many of the other megacriminals the wrong way, especially with the assumption that he is on the same level of importance as the likes of Pulsar or Sovereign.  Even when he embraces his nature as a criminal, it comes with the notion that he is or has what it takes to be an exceptional crime lord, when in reality he tends to get used as dumb muscle, or his schemes are painfully simple and straightforward.  Still, as the Diamond Man, he is incredibly powerful.  He also has the rare ability to deflect and dissipate Starfighter's energy blasts due to his diamond skin, forcing the young hero to fight him hand to hand, a situation where Diamond Man has the definite advantage.

Design- A diamond skinned villain was definitely one of the rogues I had from the start,  However, it took a while to refine his look.

Initially starting out colored red, I quickly dropped it since there was a lot of all red villains I had planned already.  I also wanted to try and refine his look so that he would be set apart and not be confused with another villain- Earthmaster.  Again drawing inspiration from Spider-man's rogues, I decided to give Diamond Man "Normal" clothes since those would help set him apart and stand out.  Given his nature, I thought of dressing him in high class business suits since it would fit the notion of him being a man of wealth and taste.  I then gave him "Hair," and settled on the color green for him after experimenting with white and silver for a bit, to complete the look. 

Initially, his origins saw him AS the big time stock broker turned bad guy.  However, I refined it a bit to make it more about him being a fraud and someone who was more interested in the trappings of fame and fortune, to make him a bit more of an active character.
The Living Razor
Origin- Byron Roth was a janitor working for Omnicorp.  A two bit lowlife, Byron often used his position to steal cleaning chemicals to sell to drug dealers for a quick bit of cash.  One night while he was loading up a shipment of chemicals, unbeknownst to him the scientists at a lab were running a late night experiment on a new vibration engine designed to affect the molecular structure of objects to make them easier to break apart, to aid in construction or disposal.  The engine overloaded, sending out a powerful energy field throughout the building.  The scientists were all shielded from the field, but Byron was fully exposed to it, ravaging his molecular structure.  Byron was left in the back room he had collapsed in, with he scientists unaware he was even in the same building.

Byron awoke the next day and returned home.  Feeling strange, Byron learned that he had the ability to compress his molecules to make him thinner and thinner.  This also had the added effect of allowing him to stretch and extend his limbs and body to an incredible degree.  This newfound ability also increased his molecular density, allowing him to become more durable the thinner he got.  His most dangerous ability, however, was the fact that he could taper down the edges of his body to be almost as thin as a molecule itself, making his body incredibly razor sharp.  Byron essentially gained the ability to transform into a flexible, razor sharp piece of metal, hence why he took the moniker of The Living Razor and embarked on a crime spree.  Only Starfighter stood in his way, with his personal force field being one of the only things Byron couldn't cut through. 

Byron has little ambition to be anything more than a crook and get a bid score.  He's rather apathetic to the needs of others, and only cares about himself.  It's fitting that the Living Razor would be rather straightforward in his desires and goals, and make no apologies for who he is and what he wants.  While his abilities do make him into one of Starfighter's toughest opponents, he does have a major weakness to electricity, since being exposed to a high enough voltage would cause him to temporarily lose his powers and revert back to his human form.

Design- The Living Razor may seem like a goofy design, but I kind of liked the idea for a while of a flat character- normally seen as being fairly laughable- also being one of the most deadly.  The notion of having his "Flatness" be the result of increased molecular density and thus increasing durability, along with making his edges razor sharp, certainly goes a long way to dispelling the notion that he is not a character to be taken seriously. 

The design itself is rather simple.  I wanted something fairly simple for his main costume to allow for some easy visual conveyance in action scenes.  The front part has the red stripe of the bodysuit, while the back is all black.  Add in boots and gloves to help identify the hands and there you have it.
Dr. Toxin
Origins- Dr. August Nivers seemed to be a quiet person at first.  She was dedicated to studying various diseases and their effects on the human body.  All that changed when she was accidentally exposed to an experimental mutagenic virus that altered her physiology.  Rather than succumbing to the plague, she became a carrier for it.  While it was initially believed that Dr. Nivers would want to be cured of her condition, it was soon revealed that she reveled in her newfound abilities.  She looked upon her transformation as a sign for her to fully embrace her desires and ignore the boundaries of conventional society.  She wanted to experiment on the world for the sake of experimentation itself, regardless of the consequences her actions may unleash.  The science itself was her end goal.

To that end, Nivers used the resources at her disposal to craft a powerful suit of armor that allowed her to spread the mutagenic virus that transformer her at will, either infecting others with a deadly pathogen or transforming them into hulking beasts that would do her bidding, whichever she required.  Nivers quickly came into conflict with Starfighter, who proved immune to Nivers' toxins thanks to the Starforce inside of him, and who was capable of stopping both her and her mutant henchmen. 

Since then Nivers, now taking the name Dr. Toxin, has become one of Starfighter's greatest foes as her desire to turn all of Valiant City into her own personal scientific playground puts her at odds with the young heroes desire to protect the city and the innocents who live within it.

Design- Dr. Toxin just came about because of a name- Toxica.  That name just kind of built a character around it, which is pretty much the one you see here.  All I needed to do was come up with a suitable origin story, and refine the look somewhat.  "Toxica" made way for Dr. Toxin, since I wanted to go with a gender neutral name for her.  And the backstory came about because I just wanted to have a mad scientist who creates an army of monsters out of people for a villain, and I didn't like the designs for the other characters I tried to make that aspect work for, so I added it onto Dr. Toxin's backstory and motivation to flesh her out a bit.
Origins- Dr. William Bendal was part of a team working on a generator that could harness magnetic fields to allow for high speed transport.  However, Will Bendal realized that with the right adjustments, the generator could manipulate magnetic fields and be crafted into a weapon.  Knowing his colleagues would never approve and not wanting to share the funds anyway, Will instead concocted an elaborate scheme to kill of anyone connected to the project.  Will started by faking his own death, and staging attacks on his co-workers to make it seem like it was his superior who was the person behind it all.  Starfighter stood in the way of Polarion's scheme, eventually unmasking him and bringing him to justice.

William Bendal is an incredibly selfish and short sighted individual.  While brilliant, he often makes mistakes in failing to see the bigger picture.  Rather than waiting to reap the genuine rewards of his invention, Bendal wanted to sell it off for a quick buck at the fraction of what he could have made with it.  It's this arrogance that ultimately trips him up and continues to find himself on the wrong side of the law, as he is focused on the big score rather than the long term gain.  He believes himself to be "Above" the other megacriminals like Earthmaster due to his intelligence, but his recklessness continually undermines him at every step.  He may be one of the most brilliant minds, but he lacks the wisdom to truly take advantage of it.  Still, Polarion's genius intellect along with his suit- which allows him to create and control powerful magnetic fields- does make him one of the more dangerous of Valiant's megacriminal population.

Design- "Magnetism" was another elemental power I wanted to get to, since it would allow for more variety in terms of what the character could do.  I kind of struggled for a while with how the character would look, especially in trying to say "Magnet."  I knew that the character was going to be a guy in a suit, and for a while this was a full suit of armor.  I kind of liked the idea of a big armored monster having a more science based power, but it just didn't look right and have that classic and timeless feel.

Instead, I decided to go back to square one and trim Polarion down a lot.  The design was also simplified, using the classic color scheme associated with magnets of red and blue, with the white on his chest providing good color separation.  I debated on how best his powers would be exhibited, and stumbled across the circles as a good way to have him express his magnetic abilities. 
Just checking out the latest season, Apocalypse.  You know, for a lark. Never really watched any of the earlier series, but I knew of them.  So I thought I'd watch this season, check it out while I'm also at my drawing table.

And, I just kind of have to know...

Is it... is it SUPPOSED to be terrible?

I mean, is it supposed to be this horrendous of a show to watch?  Is that part of the charm of the series?  Is that just par for course with this?

Like I said, I've never seen any earlier seasons, so I can't really judge in terms of quality, but I'm just trying to figure out if this is an outlier compared to earlier seasons or if this is pretty much the same standard of quality as with previous seasons.

Because if it is the latter... holy crow, I'm amazed this is going to get 10 seasons.

Somebody help me out here.



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