Mario-Themed Home Theater
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Here's what I'm planning for my home theater... Once I get my own home... And can afford to install a theater...

Anywho, features:

- 60" HDTV on end-of-level castle stand
- Bluray player inside castle "door" opening
- Surround sound (speakers inside Piranha Plants)
- Block-stair media shelf
- Stained-glass question mark block hanging lamps
- Mushroom table lamp (I'm thinking maybe the lampshade frame is too angular...)
- Glass-covered green pipe tables
- Matching Mario Red and Luigi Green couches
- Mario bros level mural walls

And of course, a Wii. I think I'll have some doors in the front of the castle tv stand on either side of the "door" opening. More media storage, plus the hidden Wii.

I'm not sure whether or not this is fanart... I think it's more interior design for fans.

P.S.: I'm loving 3DS 10's photometric lighting. DL for huge version.
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VitareFata|Hobbyist General Artist
That is one sweet room. If only this were real. ;_;
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Hot-Gothics's avatar
Hot-Gothics| Digital Artist
What program did you use to make all of this?

I was really hoping it was all real until I read in the comments that it wasn't. (If it were I'd be looking online where to buy some of this stuff. lol)

But I guess it's off to finding stuff in junk yards so that I can build this stuff! :dance:
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robertllynch's avatar
robertllynch|Professional Photographer
3D Studio for the modeling, probably some photoshop to play with textures.
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Hot-Gothics's avatar
Hot-Gothics| Digital Artist
I'm still disappointed that it's not real. lol
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AmyLynchArt| Traditional Artist
Hahahaa I found you cuz ;) Nice work. Love it!
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Masloff's avatar
Masloff|Professional Digital Artist
me wants!
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JediAnnSolo's avatar
JediAnnSolo|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I am faving this so I'll remember to show it to my contractor. I want this in my house.

You did a fantastic job. I absolutely love the lamps. :D
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GrandpaLove|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is so the kind of room I want. I'm gonna include something like this in the plans for my home I want to build someday. You did this with a computer? That's so realistic that it scares me.
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missbunny's avatar
Shouldn't you be working? lol

This is pretty cool, though. Brian says you're his hero for the day. :-p
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Mehdi-Idrissi's avatar
Amazing, this is genius.
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THKNNofNUL's avatar
I plan a Legend of Zelda Themed Theater...still need to actually think of it :P
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DerSenf's avatar
Oh my, could something be possibly more awesome then this?
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DiminutiveBust's avatar
Words cannot describe the amazement I am feeling.
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Shadowstar1224's avatar
If I had a nickel for every ounce of awesomeness this had, i'd have enough money to buy the whole set.
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