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Anti-Mushroom Kingdom propaganda from the Koopa Kingdom.

I tried to make up a symbol for the flag that vaugely looks like the one on the original Super Mario Bros ( [link] ), incorporating the honeycombed hexagon pattern of a koopa shell. Someone told me afterward that it was supposed to be a skull on the flag... Oh well.

The base for the first one is a famous old WWII American poster ( [link] ), and the second is just a photo of good 'ol Joe Stalin.

Posted in "Fanart -> Drawings" because there's no "Fanart -> Mixed Media" or "Fanart -> Photomanipulation."
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it's ironic Bowser comapres Mario to stalin where Bowser himself acts alot like stalin.

Stailn builds statues of himself,ruled his kingdom with a iron fist,murdered many of his own people and had a massive army.

Bowser acts exactly like him personality wise and has adapted some of his polices though he seems to have more facist and even nazi-like order in his fact Bowser's massive ego rivals that of stalin.
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omg XD that's awesome
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In the army, the mushroomkingdom's got your back.