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My name is Robert L. Lynch, and I am a video game designer.My life purpose is to build worlds through my creative endeavors that entertain, enlighten, and inspire those who explore them.My life goal is to earn enough income from my creative endeavors that I can live a comfortable life pursuing said endeavors full-time.My life plan is to identify and take actionable steps toward the pursuit of that goal.

For the longer story read this post, it’ll bring you up to speed.

Robert L. Lynch Building Worlds Announcement

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Hey everyone; Robert here. I meant to get this update posted toward the beginning of the year, but as we’re all well aware in 2020, extenuating circumstances are the new normal. Anyway, I’m here to announce a few things. First, as you may have noticed a while ago, I’ve tweaked my branding a bit. It’s no longer “Robert L. Lynch Art and Design”, it’s “Robert L. Lynch: Building Worlds” (I’ll explain the meaning behind it here in a second). It’s not a total revamp of my 2018 circle design, but it’s been tweaked to more accurately reflect my goals. What’s the reasoning for this? Well, for that I have to to get a little personal. I’ve been pretty open about my struggles with depression and anxiety over the years, or at least I’ve never particularly tried to hide it. I’ve historically had my ups and downs, which ranged from panic attacks at work and suicidal thoughts at the lowest to maybe a general malaise at the best. Recently however, (within the last year or so) I’ve been able to
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Slowly getting around to making art.

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You all know I'm lazy, but I'm working on it. Got a new 50 mm prime lens for my camera, the last few pics I posted are mostly me playing with that. Hoping maybe I can use it to get a few extra bucks on the side doing portraits. Informal poll: Does anybody actually use DA anymore? Comment anything if yes.
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I'm currently posting from Massachusetts, visiting my good friend missbunny ( for a week.  I'm spending the week shooting a lot of photos, and I'll be uploading those soon, but I just now got through my backlog of stuff I shot in the last few weeks. Look forward to some nice new-England-centric pics in the coming days, including ones from a bid photo outing I'll be doing in Boston on Monday.
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Hey man,

Loved your comic, Heroes Inc. Just today, 10 minutes ago I check back to the old site and see that you're back on the saddle. Incredibly heartening. Superbly awesome. You keep at it!


An old fan.
Thanks for reading! Glad to see that some small portion of my website's traffic isn't just spambots.
No worries. There are some folks that can hold on for 8 years without forgetting! The others just need some reminding. You'll get the traffic up soon enough!

I've seen so many online comics fizzle out and die, so many good plots, so much comedic gold left to dust. To see you back in action is a real testament to your guts and is awesome to see.

I'll do my best to spread the word!
Birthday, I heard. Congrats.
Happy birthday, friend. :) I wish a lot of good luck for you.

Wonderful work you have. Happy birthday btw...
Happy early birthday! We share the same birthday :3
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