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You Never Cared...
I can never understand
why you even bothered.
You never cared for me...
you should have let me be.
All I did for you was for naught.
My love for you was in vain.
You rebuffed my affections...
lepers get treated better than I.
In your eyes, there was nothing.
In your soul, only utter darkness.
Nothing I did was good enough...
in fact, all that I was mattered not.
You never cared for me...
and this you have made known well.
And I hear your nasty laughter
as I walk through my living Hell.
:iconrobertkeithjohnston:robertkeithjohnston 3 2
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Father's Day...
Across the river from Titan's Tower, there sat a lonely sad man in red. He looked at the tower wistfully, knowing that his daughter...his pride & joy...was in that tower. Not that she cared he was merely across the river, hoping to at least get a glimpse of her, 
However, it was a feeling Trigon knew well...too well.
And it was something he hated about life.
For had he not conquered galaxy-after-galaxy? Made legions of the conquered hail his name until they were blue? Slept with the universe's finest females, ate the grandest of meals, made his name strike fear in even Darkseid?
And all for what?
So that every Father's Day, he could come to this damn rock and act like some lovesick puppy?
Over an ungrateful, overpowered little half-breed that HE sired?
By the Fates...Life Was A B...
A second later, he felt his rage subside as a cool hand touched his hot skin (demons have notoriously high internal temperatures).
It was feminine...the hand of a woman.
He looked around
:iconrobertkeithjohnston:robertkeithjohnston 2 0
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Robert Keith Johnston
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
Formerly known on this site as "dkenreeks"
Born in Washington D.C.
Currently lives in Vista, CA.
Divorced, with one furchild.

If you are looking for have found his new incarnation.
Back in 2015, some horse-head swiped my laptop to feed his smack habit.
But now, I have a new tool (an HP-15), in addition to my Vivitar camera.

So far, eight books published on Create-Space (latest one dropped during the weekend).



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


The Mystery Machine stopped outside the First Mercantile Bank. Velma had to make s deposit of her bookstore's proceeds, and Shaggy had to pull out some cash for a later date with his new sweetie Helga Bayern.
As the van pulled up, the bank's alarm rang out shrilly, announcing it had been violated.
As the bell ran, a man came out, dressed in a foppish outfit out of the English Civil War. He was armed with looked like a rapier, and was waving it around.
"Jeepers!" squeaked Daphne. "Who's that?"
"You got any ideas, Vel?" Fred asked Velma. He noticed she was studying him with a bit of a smirk on her face.
"That's The Cavalier, guys. One of Batman's Baddies. Most a thief, as you can see. He not only weilds an epee, but also has sneeze powder in his snuff box, and the hat feather has a dart in the base.
"Villain-wise...not a good one. Bats has taken him with ease."
"What's an epee?" asked Daphne.
"A fencing weapon, built like a rapier. The tips of most epees are electrified for competition. However, the Cavalier's packs enough juice to stun a target."
"Got a plan, Vel?" Fred knew his second-in-command was itching to take him down. It would be their second super-baddie, with Arthur Light now in the Federal Prison in Houma, LA thanks to these meddling kids.
"Pull the Mystery Machine down to the end of the block and let me out. I'll take him on myself."

A few minutes later, Velma popped out, a cloth bag in her hand. Fred had Daphne watching the video monitor for other baddies, and sent Shag & Scoob on their way. Shag had a date with Helga, and neither of them were needed for this.
Fred's hand rested on the steering wheel. In the center of the wheel was the trigger for MASER cannon that was pointed at The Cavalier.
If Velma went down, Fred would incinerate the bad guy with a massive blast of microwave energy.
Fred also knew that Velma's skill with edged weapons had won Coolsville High four straight Ohio State Championships for women's fencing.
And The Cavalier was about to get the shock of his worthless life.

As the Cavalier approached, Velma reached into the cloth bag and pulled out a scabbarded sabre...her weapon-of-choice when fencing.
Quickly pulling the razor-edged weapon from it's metal cocoon, Velma stared right at The Cavalier.
"Begone, child. Ye be no match fer me!" The Cavalier's tone was arrogant...but Vel just smiled cruelly.
Bigger bullies that this walking anachronism have felt Velma's wrath...and few came back for a second dose.
"Drop the sword and the loot...or meet you doom!"
Vel had her sabre in the en-garde position, and saw her opponent not as a human, but a series of targets.
"You stupid are no match for The Cavalier!"
"Unlike you, punk...I let my steel do my talking in battle. See if you can kill me...if you got the juice!"

Cavalier made the first move, swinging his epee like a rod to stun the diminutive master detective with a single blow.
Velma parried it with ease, turned, and slammed the guard of her weapon under the Cavalier's chin, stunning him.
A slash from her blade lopped off the epee's blade at the hilt.
Cheap, Cheap, Cheap! Velma thought, as a second blow knocked what was left of the villian's weapon onto the sidewalk.
An upwards slash knocked the Cavalier's hat off...and the Cavalier was left facing a yard of naked steel point-first.
"Ods Bodkins!" exclaimed the bad guy. He had never been beaten so quickly-and-completely by an opponent, not even The Batman.
"You have a choice, or die!" The tip of Velma's sabre was within striking distance of his throat. One lunge--one kill.
And Velma was lusting for his chitlins, by the look in her eyes!
"I yeild...but on one condition."
"On your knees, creep!"
The Cavalier sank in defeat. If he reached for his snuffbox, they would be sending him back to Gotham in a pine box.
"Tell me, child...where did you learn to handle a blade?"
"I had a good teacher in High School."
"Dost thy blade have a name?"
"Granafang...after a dragon I happen to enjoy reading about. You do know you will be extradited back to Arkham."
"Indeed. You gave me fight I won't forget. I thank you."

As the Coolsville Bureau Of Police took The Cavalier off to jail, Velma re-sheathed Granafang and put him back in the storage bag. The bag then went into the van's weapons locker.
"Jeepers, scared me!" Daphne hugged Velma.
"Good work, Vel. Think your old coach might want the video?"
"Uplink it to him...he'll get a kick out of it. Another bad guy gone."
Fred passed Velma a can of chilled green tea. As she sipped the icy drink, she did not know that from a distance, eyes were upon her.
In fact, the figures had been watching the battle. One was taking notes.
"What do you think, Wintergreen," asked the first figure. Though both men were in civilian clothes, there was no mistaking their military bearing.
"Frankly, sir...Waller would have far too much to fear from Miss Dinkley. Especially in a hand-to-hand confrontation."
"Perhaps you are right, old friend. Besides, I have seen some of her patents. Waller would pay plenty to get her grubby gloms on those alone."
"So, what do you propose next, Slade?"
"We are not here to fight...just observe and report. Amanda and Bruce can handle things afterwards, if they want."
"Shame she is not older..." a third voice remarked. Cheshire looked at their subject with a bit of lust.
"Jade, honey..." Slade looked ay her quizzicaly.
"Hey, I'm a bad's what I do." Cheshire chuckled. Only Slade--Deathstroke--could use her given name without fear of bloody retribution. Besides, he was fun in bed for her.
The three continued their observation of Mystery, Inc. Waller wanted a report on them, and especially Velma Dinkley.
And that report was wanted yesterday.



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