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Hey, you can get the comic I am currently working on(along with some fancy extras) at the COMICS COMICS kickstarter page. I am astoundingly excited to be a part of this project, and to be sharing the book with some comedy friends: Jackie Kashian (I've done her podcast, THE DORK FOREST), Sara Benincasa(We've worked together a few times, most notably on the Amazon bestseller TIM KAINE IS YOUR NICE DAD), Rose Matafeo (I am drawing her story SASSY BEST FRIEND for this collection. We connected on twitter because she had enjoyed Sabrina. It was awesome to then discover she was astoundingly hilarious.), Eliot Rahal(I just did a cover for his excellent HOT LUNCH SPECIAL, out now from Aftershock Comics), Micah Myers (facebook friend, fantastic letterer and rad human), Brendan H. Wright (Our phenomenal editor! We worked together on Archie VS Predator, and it's been great working together again and helping to make some comedy connections happen.)

And these are just the people I know! There's also Patton Oswalt,  Paul Scheer,  Troy Nixey, Evan Dorkin, and a ton of others!

Oh, and they have added new rewards,  including original art but me.

Anyway, this book is going to be rad, and I'd recommend it even if I wasn't a part of it.  Check it out:….
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