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Zootopia - The First Bunny Cop Storyline

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I got mutliple requests asking to upload the artworks used in my little writing "Stories of the Storyboard".

Last but not least, or lovely duo in their final form, the cynical but secretly very sweet street hustler, Nick Wilde and always hopeful and utterly selfless, Judy Hopps.

Zootopia © Disney
The Art © Me
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© 2019 - 2020 RobertFiddler
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MrAcrizzyStudent Filmographer
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My favorite bunny and fox duo! :happybounce:
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They just look so charming together. n_n
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pejmanloveProfessional Photographer
Falling in love, have a good way...
Like this...
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These came out great! They all look so cute! Keep up the great work!
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looks awesome. you got their smiles perfect.
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Anime--BunnyHobbyist Writer
very marvelous work
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JonathanLilloProfessional Filmographer
This one is much better.
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Chrome4ksStudent Photographer
Very Nice. I like your style. =^.^=
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ReaderNo31142Hobbyist Artist
AWESOME :dummy:
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pejmanloveProfessional Photographer
Great 👍
This art... so beauty , lovely
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Disney: let's make a movie about cute little animals!

Furry community: *makes shit ton of porn of it* 

Download by HotDogsAndDonuts  
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Don't you have to be stupid somewhere else?
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AwesomeKCYTStudent Digital Artist
Again, that movie already died
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didn't roblox already die 
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AwesomeKCYTStudent Digital Artist
You stole my comment
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Thank you for posting the larger images. Much easier to appreciate the great work you put into them.
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I second mildirk's comment.  Of all the potential protagonists the movie could have had, I think these two personalities -- and the dynamic between them -- provide the most well-rounded, versatile characters. :)
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The amount of story changes that happened to Zootopia still amazes me that it could've easily gone the wrong way. Imagine all these differing concepts for the movie and somehow, they were able to create a coherent plot. Looking at other movies where creative differences can lead to a mishmash of tone in the movie (looking at Justice League :lol:), Zootopia could've easily ended in failure. The movie's release was delayed due to story changes, you'd think the movie had problems. Thankfully, Byron Howard and Rich Moore were on the same page and shared the same vision and wanted the thing, so we got the movie that we wanted. It's a rollercoaster :lol:.
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Awww, the final form. :) The version I love the most. :) Some great drawings here, Robert and great work on all these drawings! :)
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