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Zootopia Strip #4 - Sly Fox

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Nick: By the way Carrots! On a totally unrelated topic, do you happen to know a CUTE bunny who wants to go to the Gazelle concert tomorrow?
Judy: . . . do I know a one? ;)
Hello everyone!

It's been a while since I draw some Zootopia stuff, so here is my next little Strip.

Sorry, this time it's not-fully colored, :ohnoes:
I don't have much freetime with the kinda work I'm doing, hope you are forgiving.

Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde and Zootopia © Disney
Art © Me
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Seems I haven't yet commented on this one being an absolute gem of a short comic. You have to love that sly fox ;-)
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AAAAAWWW! Love Judy's pout when he calls her "cute", and how it downs on her that he says it because she's special to him
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The look on Judy’s face in the second-to-last Frame. *Realization intensifies*
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This is oh, so good.
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Thank you very much! :D
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This was so lovely and something I could see happening. I also loved the little wagging at the end. Great work on this!
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Thank you very much!
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You're very welcome!
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Sly fox

Dumb bunny
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:la: Thanks! Glad my shipping is rubbing off
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You're finally catching on Judy. ;)
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One of my favorite Zotoopia strip comics. 
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Thank you very much! :dance:
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You're welcome! And thanks again for drawing it! :)
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She gets it!

I like this. It's a nice take on the "you can't call a bunny 'cute'" issue.
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Thank you very much :D
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Ooh nick got her toungue
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I though I made the comment earlier but must have forgot . I liked the way in the coloring of the eyes Judy's eye color looked to get lighter in panel 5 when she realized what Nick was saying.

Wasn't sure if it was just me since the way people see color is different (for me colors look different in my left eye than my right for some reason) and or course colors look different on different models and calibrations of monitors but being OCD I actually tested the color in photoshop to see if it is lighter and it was compared to panel 1,2 and 4 but was the same as the lighter color in panel 3 but being larger in panel 5 I think it looked overall lighter.

but I love the idea of her eyes changing color based on her mood! Humm starting wonder if it changed in the movie? Didn't notice it and I have watched the movie several times three of which were just to focus exclusively on the expressions in the characters faces which are fantastic you miss a lot of the feel of the characters by not paying attention to their expressions.
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Do i hear wedding bells
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I actually think the lack of color works best with this strip.  It serves to emphasize what color there is - there eyes, and also subtly emphasizes their expressions.

Judy's gonna be blushing on cloud nine the whole way home.
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Oh yes - how I hope most peeps feel

But seriously, that is a good point - to think that "cute" is an object of weakness and insignificance ..... Which I fear too many people would over look.....

I might not think of anyone as mate material but any complement about cuteness I've made, I always thought was a token of being personally special ....

I guess too many peeps make noise without though...
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Nice touch with how only their eyes are colored at first.

Also, holy shit, we need this in the sequel. (Well, it's a matter of opinion, but it's still amazing!)
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