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Zootopia Strip #3 - Cadet Wilde 2

After some request, I decided to draw the second part of Nick's training.

This may portray Nick a bit stronger than even I would believe him to be, but I let it slip for the comedy's sake :D Hope you like it too!

Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde and Zootopia © Disney
Art © Me
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i mean... this wouldn't work for every opponent... buuuut foxes are... well... foxes.

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#1 Victory Royale
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I love that fox :)
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If i was going up against a rhino, I'd use every dirty trick in the book to keep from being pummeled into pudding lol.
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omae wa mou shinderu
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I didn't expect that from Nick... Except being injured during sparring.
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Omg, that backfired lol
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Subjective, but I kinda think since he is training to be a cop (trying to be something more than just a sly fox), he would play this without any deception. I wouldn't put it past him, but I still think he would have some honor not to cheat here. It is also something he's just good at, but never really wanted to be so...

Also, regarding his fighting skills: Oh yeah, already mentioned them. Skeptical about his strength, but we do not see him fighting, even if there were some chances where he could.

People use the same reason of him growing up on the streets to validate this. This just seems more of a stereotype now. As I mentioned, there is neither any indication that Nick has ever involved himself in physical confrontations of such sorts (and I think he didn't commit violence either; some others do say he wasn't a violent criminal as well), nor anything to suggest that he had such fighting skills. 
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Reads description.

Yeah, he is rather stronger in this than I believed him to be. 

For this, I would say this depends on whether he ever had physical confrontations with others in the past. There is not much that tells us how strong he is...

He can hold a huge jumbo pop really (so can Finnick) which really boils down to cartoon physics (esp. in Finn's case). The rest of the movie didn't show him to be that strong (or in much good shape either), esp. that little clip where Judy hits him on the arm, and he is sensitive to the pain.
I suppose that oughta hurt tho.

This also makes him OP, hella OP (again not my preference)
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Well that depends :D For me it looks like that you see him OP because you focus too much on his strenghts and not at all on his shortcomings.

He has shown his speed skill, the way he vanished from Judy's view in a matter of a second while Judy looked the other way, and the strenght of a punch is highly increased by the speed someone puts into it. But you may also notice that his paw that he delivered the punch with is broken, alongside with most of his body thanks to a rhino landing on him. So while he might have speed and some strenght, he doesn't have reflexes to dodge a rhino falling on him and durability to get away unscathed. In short definition characters like these are called "glass cannons". I would say that makes it somewhat balanced.
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He did take a head start at that time, after which he got tired quickly. Idk, if that'll work with his punches, given in a short distance.

Regarding the punch, if we consider the specifics:
First, he cheated (I think it would have been better if he 'feinted', if you want him to use deception, or he can actually break from said 'fox' stereotype and play this fairly...and honorably). This allowed him to come closer to the rhino. So, in order for the punch to hit him hard, he would have to accelerate his punch to a great extent within the short distance between him and the rhino (which is nearly impossible) or he has to be a lot more stronger than he is otherwise, so that the punch renders him 'unconscious'.

I think in this case, it would have been better if he just used the same tactic as Judy did, if he pulled back against the rope and slingshoted swiftly towards the rhino with an even stronger punch/a punch to the rhino's punching arm (that would definitely work even with less arm strength) and it'll still make sense if he gets his hand fractured from that. 

Unless, he has been to the gym before this, in which case your head canon might make more sense than it it did before.

And this is of course, one of many possible situations (it shouldn't be that Nick passing this on his first trial should be inevitable, or even be the most likely outcome; even though the trick he pulled off can increase his probability of winning to a great extent.)

Regarding his skill set, he does have good speed (usually taking head starts before hand though) and a few athletic qualities (as mentioned numerous times), his strength...has been cartoonishly exaggerated at one point...and it isn't shown much later on. He isn't at the peak of his physical condition (as it comes off from the comics.)

Doesn't help that others may have not considered the punch speed to be a factor while you are telling it to me, and most other people think that him growing up on streets results in him being good at fighting, which as I also said depends on how many physical confrontations he had been with others. Doesn't help that during the fight scenes with the sheep minions he didn't really fight anyone, Judy did, while he tried to control the train somehow
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Well, Idk if control the train since he only 'drove' it as per Judy's commands.
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404-fox not found. genius.
The internet jokes just keep on coming!
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The font, texture, and color choice of the "CRUNCH" made me cringe without even hearing it. Uber props for the mad prowess on that!
RobertFiddler's avatar
Thank you very much ^w^
I've heard worse
I cracked a smile actualy
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Wow. Didn't see that coming. Other than the witty banter.
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"Victory hurts more than expected".
Well, dang. 
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On the bright side he pass.
hey he still won 
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