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Zootopia Strip #2 - Cadet Wilde

Oh, yeah. SPOILERS! But I guess, you have seen the movie already If you are looking at fanarts for it :D

Another short Zootopia practice. :D I have seen other fanart picturing Nick struggling on the training. I played with the tought that maybe he is more capable than he may appear, thanks to his previous lifestyle in Zootopia. But still there will be a part of the training that he will have a hard time with.

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I find his strip very funny.
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Dialogue in this is just perfect. xd
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Hahaha, loved the quote "Turn on the ad-block, Firefox!" and Judy's smug face on the last panel. No surprise that Nick's street life makes him pretty skillful in physical training
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Your Zootopia artwork is simply amazing Fiddler. Only wish I knew how to save the some of the artwork to view later.
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Nice, Firefox lol
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A few points as well:

After reading the comments, I tried my best to approve this, Idk why I feel like I'm forced to.


The main reason that everyone brings up is that he has been on the street and has been in the districts so he should be good at this... I did mention (several times) that that will depend on how many physical endeavours he has taken. And I don't suppose in order to be a con-artist, he would have have to climb ice walls, hang on long monkey bars, try going against a huge sandstorm or even fight criminals (esp. the ones way bigger than him). Con-artists just make money through scams and conning others. His experience may only just make him 'familiar' to the courses than the others, but that might be it.
We should also check whether or not he is actually familiar with ALL the districts.

I) The Sahara Square, we absolutely can't tell since we never see Nick there.

II) Tundra town, it is probable since he has seen Mr. Big there, although, in the movie, they otherwise cut any part of Nick traversing the town with Judy during the investigation which could have given us a better idea regarding this.

III) The Rainforest district one is a bit odd, since during that scene we could see he looks around the whole place like it is his first visit there (especially being mildly surprised by the deep chasm under a bridge), and he also feels discomfort by the moisture and cold around him (indication that he doesn't like there very much). This will be a problem for Nick during the thousand foot fall, since it is set on a huge height and simulates rain.
The whole scene doesn't really tell if Nick is familiar with the place.

IV) The city central, as we see, he is the most familiar with it. Quite surely, it is where he must have spent the majority of his days so far. We do see he can athletically maneuver minor infrastructure here and there (that would be basic parkour). I don't think it will be enough for the course however, that should be obvious. It would be saying that *plenty* others on his skill level would find this a piece of cake. What level will the rookies fall under, did they never even have training before this (or even physical ed. for that matter)?


Regarding skills as well, whatever your interpretation is, it might be a bit different than when I first examined his skill myself. Besides that though, it is strange he never mentions much of any of his skills (that you mentioned) in his ZPD application form (like good speed, (basic) parkour, strength,  fighting skills (maybe not)?). I can give the benefit of the doubt that he was rather elated/humbled, although it otherwise gives the impression that said skills of his are ignorable by him himself (what if they are inferior in him?).

It is a bit bothersome to think that Nick had no trouble when Manchas was chasing them (since it was nothing but trouble for him). But regardless of what anyone thinks, I don't see how the action/chase scenes should prove anything here. We never see him do anything athletic during these scenes. If the police course is (this) easy for him, then I'd have expected Nick to handle the situation better than otherwise (granted, he was otherwise under stress, but still...) (at least a bit like how Judy did). 

We shouldn't underestimate the difficulty of the course either. 
It really seems you pointed his individual skills and considered them to be be enough to pass the course. I am now considering his overall physical performance throughout the movie, which will give the idea of his skills and comparing it with the skill level required for the course.
The way in which he just breezes through the course in this fan art gives the feeling that the course in this is way easier than what I remember, or that Nick's way too overpowered than I remember (especially the way he just cuts through the sandstorm like a flippin' ninja :XD: this is probably what made him come off unrealistically OP for me.)


Besides this, you said that you find it off-putting when fan-artists draw Nick as incapable to pass this. I've not seem many examples. But it shouldn't be bothersome. It is alright if he fails initially. I think it makes him relateable. Besides, Failure is the first step to success. :D

This was just me trying to be thorough, this might just be what I think (of course). 

Q: Is he allowed to where glasses during the course? I mean, Idk seems like an unfair advantage over others...kinda. :P
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Actually for the rainforest district, I think cold in particular wasn't the problem, as much as just the moisture and rain. Foxes have dense, insulating fur, which gives good resistance to cold.
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Regarding the portrayal, am I the only one who is unable to appreciate it? I will acknowledge he can athletically climb up or down minor obstacles (pipes or fences), but that shouldn't make the police course *this* easy for him (being a Saturday stroll for him) since it will obviously have to be harder than those obstacles, in order to train cops better. Let's otherwise not forget, his inability to maintain physical (as well as mental) composure and endurance during several action scenes in the movie. Not saying he can't pass it; with a little bit of training, he can. But the portrayal is so exaggerated that it is off-putting. :(
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I see where you are coming sure but at the same time I can't deny that it's even more off-putting for me when Nick is portrayed as complete slacker and incapable cadet as in many other fanwork I've read.

As for his inability to maintain physical and mental composure in action scenes I can not agree with you. In the rainforest disctrict he took a huge fall but was back on his feet and kept up with Judy (a trained police officer) no problem. The only aspect Nick never outdid Judy is pure physical strenght. Judy's grip and arm is strong enough to support her own and Nick's weight with a single paw, which should show how though she is. But Nick outdid Judy in speed, agility and endurance the things this training course is mainly focused on.

Not to mention his physical condition is not the only factor, Nick is often very cocky and smug about his abilities, so even if he has problems with the track he would try to hide it. Maybe the "Saturday stroll" comment might be just an exaggeration from his part to show off. That might be the reason you see his abilities exeggerated, because Nick wanted to appear thougher than he actually is, and he managed to fool you :D
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Tbh, it may be that we are comfortable/assured with our own differing interpretations. So maybe neither of us will win the argument?

Also, type 'strength' not 'strenght'. 
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1.Is it? :/ That's subjective of course. Not saying he will be a complete slacker, but might otherwise require some motivation from Judy to train himself. Not saying he'll be completely incapable, but may have deficiencies, make mistakes and not pass at first trial. It makes Nick's character more appealing and relateable and is at least better than
him being a total capable badass (and too cocky about it) (IMO ofc :D).

2.Maybe I didn't use the right word. It is basically that he generally falls over the obstacles rather than athletically maneuvering them, as can be expected from *your* Nick. Nick actually does seem to be a bit injured and had to be pulled by Judy (though he recovered from it immediately, which is cartoon physics doing its job again :P). He was otherwise scampering haphazardly in panic. After the chase, when the vines break, he falls flat on the leaves as opposed to Judy who uses them to break her fall. In the Cliffside Asylum as well, when they flush themselves out of the toilet, he flails his arms around screaming while Judy is rather calm. This is generally what I meant by Nick losing physical and mental composure. I think this was to show that she being a cop is already well-trained, whereas, Nick isn't. So, whatever comparisons you make between them (regarding speed, or strength) overall, the course shouldn't be immediately easy for him. 

Besides, Nick does seem to have run faster than Judy like once, but from the Little Rodentia scene (and several others) I wouldn't say that Judy would be slower, less agile or less enduring than him. I never actually compared him to her in the first place, but she has overall shown much better skills from my viewing. Especially, if she has already passed the training,l and is top of her class, she should definitely be better in all three.

In general, I mean to say that overall Nick just appears to have shown some physical qualities which I don't think should make this course easy for him. And yes, this has always been my interpretation.

3. Well, you exaggerated his cockiness as well in this comic. It is a part of his facade, he only appears smug and is otherwise contrasted with self-awareness (inclusive of his capabilities and limitations). In that case, I would have still expected Nick to be shown struggling at times. 

No one considered this point otherwise. 
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I always otherwise thought that Nick wasn't the best with stress-inducing situations which required one to be really physically adept. Heck, he is the non-action guy in the movie. 

It depends on how many physical ventures he really did. Honestly, if we consider his skills, I'm rather going with mostly 'non-physical' ones.

He is athletic to a good extent. But I think the police academy training might be a bit harsher than his experience in Zootopia, to train cops better. 

Also, if the rest of his skills are included, this makes him a bit OP. (Not my preference really).

I also think that he would have more of a problem with the enormous criminal instead of the other bigger mammals (seeing the last panel). They would be technically stronger than him.
the fire-fox joke got me
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Nick does not care, oml.
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I laughed myself to tears on this!  I love how sassy Nick is here, and the Firefox joke was priceless!!!!!  This is going in my Favorites!
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Thank you very much! :D
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This is exactly what I think Nick would do on the course in the movie!
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Hehe, glad you think that way :D
It makes sense that Nick would do well in the obstacle course. He grew up in Zootopia so he has experience with the different conditions in the districts. Also, foxes are found in a variety of different land biomes.
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Thanks! Glad you like it!
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I practically heard a Wilhelm scream when that wolf fell through the bridge XD.
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Damn, I should've called him "Wolfhelm" :XD: Thanks for that!
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