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Zootopia Short - It's in their nature

It's been a long while since I did a little dumb zootopia comic strip, and I actually had this idea for over a year now, but never really got the time to do it. Actually the time never really felt right.

The idea behind this was inspired by the fact that wolves in zootopia seem to have a problem controlling their instinct to howl, and as that I was wondering what cute/fun insinct could've other species carried over from their quadrupedal days to the modern one. Turns out Vulpes Vuples, or commonly known as red foxes are very good dads, really taking their jobs as the food provider seriously. Would be funny if that instinct kicked in while Nick was looking after Judy's favorite little niece. :D

Mick and Cas has done a fantastic voice act on my comic, which I'm extreemly happy about.
Hope you guys will enjoy it as well!


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Nick: *must feed this child & makes food aggressively* I love this so much, you did an amazing job!

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So Awesome!!😍😍

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Also, how did you manage to fit the whole comic into one post? I gotta know! 0w0
GoFigureComics's avatar
HEY! Saw this in a Comic Dub! Nice! ^w^
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At least while the tod sticks around with the vixen, they do eventually leave.
RobertFiddler's avatar
True, foxes are highly adaptable and their pair bonding behavior varies with each individual fox depending on area, population and resources. Some only stay together to raise a brood some stay together for multiple mating seasons or even till their partner's death.
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I can picture that little Cotton to end up like this… Would be one heck of an epic growth spurt.

:la: choir Music Note Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U You can't stop him!

He's the Bunbun-naut!

You can't stoooop this murphlee-phlurphlee!

:la: choir Music Note Bullet (Light Pink) - F2U Holey! Sheeples!

Oh, holey sheeples!

Oh, holey! Sheeples!

Oh, holey sheeples!

Oh, holey! Sheeples!

Oh, holey sheeples!

Oh, holey sheeples!

Oh, holey sheep!

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Still one of my favest fav...
How would all that food even fit inside such a small creature?
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He's going to be a great dad :)
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I love it when fanart touches on the "furry reminders" of Zootopia. Makes it feel a lot more real.
EnZoG89's avatar
Simply...funny and cute!
Good job!
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A lot of people didn't know this fact
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AAAAAWWW,This Is so sweet! Didn't know red foxes were that awesome as parents,which makes me love them even more
He's a cook too, and for various species, the more learn about you nick... :D
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He cannot control his paternal instincts, can he? 
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Foxes ' nature is why my headcanon for Nick is that he had an awesome dad.
FoxfangJohn0056's avatar
I have to agree. The only reason Mr Wilde couldn't be there, was if he was Dead...

I believe "Zistopia" had Nick's Dad be either incarcerated, or dead.
sonic2344's avatar
In the Zistopia AU, the creator said that he was dead. To be honest, I hope that isn't the case in the original canon. Tired of dead parents in Disney movies.
FoxfangJohn0056's avatar
It's Worst if he left him. If he was Dead, it Would at least show he Wasn't willing to leave his Wife and Kit.

I mean, unless Mr Wilde was an Agent, or a Spy with too many enemies, him leaving his Wife and Kit would mean he never cared for his Son and Wife.
sonic2344's avatar
That is why I'm against most headcanons like that. Got to stick with the 'good dad' thing. Heck, I make Mr. Wilde like that in my Zootopia story, While We're Young.
FoxfangJohn0056's avatar
Yeah... Honestly, another headcanon I liked of Nick's Dad, was that he was an Agent who made too many enemies and had to leave his family for the sake of their protection.

I don't mean a Bond-level Spy, I am referring to something more akin to Metal Gear Solid 3's Naked Snake, being an Infiltrator who is also a damn good soldier, bordering on bring near Super-human/Super-mammal.

And we all know how Naked Snake, later, Big Boss, Made a lot of enemies.
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There is picking of this Cotton that's for sure. :aww:
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