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Zootopia Merry Christmas - Gingerbread Bears

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Yes, I'm alive! Sorry to have been absent for a long while, I had to work on various projects I couldn't post on here, and also I experienced a little artblock with the comic I've been working on. Most of the comic is already laid out in paper form, but figuring out the best way to convey that into comic format always ended up with me spending days rewriting the whole scene. With tips from my loved ones I got the tip to reroute my creative energies into another smaller arts if I feel blocked this way in a certain one. And I felt like that's exactly that I needed. As soon I started thinking about a christmas picture, something came to my mind right away:

I have been thinking "If human don't exist in Zootopia do they still make Gingerbread men? " And I thought, the answer to that would be: NO! So I came up a new thing that I think would make total sense of animals to make. Gingerbread bears! Hope you like this little headcanon/art from me as a Christmas-gift!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!
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Bit surprising that this is your latest upload, it's been a while. How's the life...?

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RobertFiddlerHobbyist Digital Artist

Hello pallos! Life is okay, even if a bit busy. There is a lot of stuff going on, I'm actually in the middle of a fan-comic, but work keeps me constantly away from progressing on it. And when I do have time to work on it, I'm stuck at rewriting the dialogue because its just doesn't feel good enough. But I do my best.

How is life on your end?

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Sounds like perfectionism problem! Sure even less-than-optimal version from you would be high quality.

Same as ever, have way too many things that I'd like to put time in, but don't have motivation and end up with negligible progress. Like going through my DA watchlist(one of the reasons I might often comment on relatively old posts). But it's all process and rather have too many ideas and projects than none.

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HyenaTigHobbyist Digital Artist
Awww, dis' so sweet!
Nick Wilde Innocent Look 
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I'd love to see you do some more work on Hellsing Excedium.
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Awww! This is sweet, Robert! Hope you had a lovely Christmas!
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ReaderNo31142Hobbyist Artist
Super lovely Christmas artwork :la:
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Such an adorable and beautiful drawing, Robert. I love this scene of them making cookies together and they look so cute! :) Merry Christmas, Robert, and Happy New Year! :) 
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Cute and adorable
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JudovanMoordHobbyist Writer
Merry Christmas!
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Great to see you back and Great job here, Robert. Also, Merry Christmas to you as well, dude. :D
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Happy Zootopian Christmas to you too!
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Those two make a cute couple.

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Merry Zootopia Christmas!
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Gingerbread Bears.
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Merry Christmas dude and glad your back
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Awww looks fantastic, Rob!! :>
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Merry Christmas Rob!
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As always, any art about Zootopia's favourite couple is always welcome! Merry Christmas Rob!
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Commissioner-YHobbyist General Artist
It has been a while. Merry Christmas!

It's good to have you back.
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LOVE it. Merry Christmas
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Personally, I think they would have cutters to represent many different mammals. (I could totally see gingerbread bunnies being a thing in Judy's family. lol) I always like seeing art like this, with Judy and Nick doing these sorts of things together. It kinda warms my heart, y'know?

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.
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Looks nice :)
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Happy Zootopian Christmas to you too!
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