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X - The Wheel of Fortune

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Happy late Halloween and Peaceful All Saints' Day to everyone again!

I think it will be a yearly thing for me to do a character of the Hellsing series as a Tarot card from the Major Arcane deck for Halloween!

This year's choice was Tubalcain Alhambra, also known as the Dandy man, as the Wheel of Fortune:

This card is the tenth card in the Major Arcana deck. Eligable meanings of the card are: Possibilities, Fate,  Destiniy, Turning Point, Sudden Events, New Developments

The card represents the forces that can help or hinder the querant suddenly or unpredictably.
The Wheel of Fortune is all about luck and change. The wheel symbolizes completeness as well as the rise and fall of fortunes and the message that what goes around comes around. Almost every definition of this card indicates abundance, happiness, elevation, or luck; a change that just happens, and brings with it great joy or great grief, sadness, misfortune, depending on the position of the card.

0. - The Fool
I. - The Magician
II. - The High Priestess
III. - The Empress
IV. - The Emperor
V. - The Hierophant
VI. - The Lovers
VII.  - The Chariot (The Captain/Hans Günsche)
VIII. - Strenght
IX. - The Hermit (Sir Islands)
X.   - Wheel of Fortune (Tubalcain Alhambra) - You are here DeviantArt
XI.  - Justice (Yumiko Takagi)
XII.  - The Hanged Man (Seras Victoria and Pip Bernadotte)
XIII. - Death
XIV. - Temperance (Heinkel Wolfe)
XV. - The Devil
XVI.  - The Tower (Millennium Soldiers)
XVII. - The Star
XVIII. - The Moon
XIX. - The Sun
XX. - Judgement (Alexander Anderson)
XXI. - The World

Hellsing © Koutha Hirano
The Art © Me
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Alucard: Hey Dandy Dick..... You missed! WOOPWOOPWOOPWOOPWOOP!!!
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"Guys got magic cards.  And magic hands." :D (Big Grin) 
SanctusNocturne's avatar
Dandy man: Are you a gambling man?
Alucard: I believe thats your shtick.
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"Oh shame for you.  You activated my 'Alu-card.'"
SanctusNocturne's avatar
Alucard: Dandy man...
DM: Huh?
Alucard: you lost.
DM: uh huh.
Alucard: and now i have to read your drinking all of your blood. OM NOMNOMNOM!
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"The fuck is this?....The fuck is that?....The fuck are those?"  Eyepopping 
SanctusNocturne's avatar
(i'm with alucard on that one. LSD be damned... Psst! i need your help on this one!)
"Oh my gawd! Is that Betty?!"
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"Well well well, if it isn't Ali.  Your skin is as smooth as the day I felt it on my own."  Flirtatious 
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RobertFiddlerHobbyist Digital Artist
:XD: I will never get "Dandy Dick" out of my head! TFS guys really can come up with some messed up stuff
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pure, adulterated hilarity
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Looks like someone has activated his...trap card...sorry I had to say it, oh and well done on another impressive looking Tarot card, it fits the mood the others get across when you see them. :D
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Just don't challenge Integra.  You might activate her "Alu-card.":D (Big Grin) 
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ScarletMarineStudent General Artist
Tubalcain Alhambra: Who wants to play a game called "The Wheel of Fortune"?
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EEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!! :icontruckglompplz: HE'S MINE!!!

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Alhambra needs more attention. Using him for this Tarot card was really clever. It fits him perfectly. :nod:

Great job on the picture itself. His pose looks really badass, and that Ace of Spades in his right hand is a great touch. :D
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RobertFiddlerHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! :D I do think I will work on this one a little bit more. I coudn't work on the comic for so long, I lost my touch with drawing human characters a bit. And just because Alhambra is not that popular, I still want to draw him well.
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Excellent. :D

Do you plan on making more Hellsing-related Tarot cards? :XD:
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RobertFiddlerHobbyist Digital Artist
Surely. It might be some halloween stuff by me, but I'll make sometimes more. :D
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That's great to know. :D
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pop5291Hobbyist Photographer
Great drawing. I have always been a fan of tublacain because of a rumor I read online that says he is a biological descendant of caine from the Old Testament. Caine in most vampire lore is the first vampire. I really want to find out if caine was the first vampire in the hellsing universe. 
RobertFiddler's avatar
RobertFiddlerHobbyist Digital Artist
Well, Actually if go back to the origins of the bible to Jewish tales, the first vampire is considered to be the first woman before Eva, Adam's first wife, Lilith. I like that mythology more, but I do not plan to include it in Excidium
pop5291's avatar
pop5291Hobbyist Photographer
Yeah your right. in some lore she actually helped caine harness his vampiric powers. There is a book called the book of nod that details Caines fall from grace and how Lilith came and saved him. I think you can find a few scanned copies of it on scribd. I read some of it and it was really interesting. 
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