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WildeHopps - Happy Valentine's day

To hell with it I ship them!
Happy Valentine's day to all the taken or lonely hearts out there! :wave:

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When your girlfriend does valentines day better than you.
Koraru-san's avatar
Amazing work!
This is a master piece!
PrayerGirl1's avatar
I totally ship them too!
Tails-275's avatar
To hell with what?
Fail-Seeker's avatar
Zootacular Valentine's work! :clap:
KOakaKO's avatar
If you ship nobody else in the world, it should be these two who are the exception. ;)
Nick should not hesitate giving his heartful gift to her. I think she still loves him.
RobertFiddler's avatar
"I think she still loves him."
I think the huge bouquet she is giving to Nick is a dead giveaway
Kulkum's avatar
Happy (late) Valentine's Day Shippers! Very cute. :D
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LOL Nick - Icon Cute! Nick and Judy - Icon Love Heart bubbles 
borba's avatar
Judy always get the upper hand over Nick ... even on Valentine's Day!
Artur976's avatar
It's the thought that counts and the situation reads "mine is bigger than yours".
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Saw it on Pinterest... directly after that I watched here and tada! =P (Razz)
Really nice picture, keep it up man!
radioardilla's avatar
Aww--don't worry Nick. Judy knows you love her, especially since not only did you give her Valentine's flowers, but a nice Valentine's meal for her too. She is a rabbit after all :-)
CaseyDecker's avatar
This Valentine-themed picture you've done of Nick and Judy looks very nice and sweet. :D
Tiavik's avatar
Judy's may be bigger, but Nick's got a ring in his x3
PeppyPupperPepper's avatar
Should have seen that coming Nick.
Cimar-WildeHopps's avatar
Everyone should ship them!!! Best couple ever!!!
CamossDarkfly's avatar
I contacted Maersk to help with the shipment.
Cimar-WildeHopps's avatar
Nice! I'm guessing they accepted? :D
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