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IX - The Hermit

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Happy Halloween everyone!

This year I felt the need to continue a little tradition I started at many years ago and make a Hellsing Tarot Card!

This year I randomly choose a number of the card I didn't do yet and got 9. So here is the ninth card of the Major Arcana deck, The Hermit, starring Sir Islands, a close friend of Integra's father Sir Arthur Hellsing and Sir Penwood. And kind of a mentor figure to Integra. I felt like the Hermit is a great choice for this character as the sole survivor of the original 3 members of the Queen's roundtable.

The Hermit normally means soul-searching, introspection, inner guidance. Upside-down it can mean isolation and loneliness.

The Hermit can mean that you need to withdraw from your everyday life to gather up your strenght to go on or to find answers that you seek by finding your inner-peace in  seclusion.

Upside down it's a warning that you might take too much time away in unwanted solitude without managing to find your inner-self, so you should build out your external world, to create and enviroment that gives you the peaceful atmosphere that you need to be able to relax, or perhaps your inner-piece can not be found in isolation, and you will need to find it in your connection with beloved ones.

0. - The Fool
I. - The Magician
II. - The High Priestess
III. - The Empress
IV. - The Emperor
V. - The Hierophant
VI. - The Lovers
VII.  - The Chariot (The Captain/Hans Günsche)
VIII. - Strenght
IX. - The Hermit (Sir Islands) - You are here DeviantArt
X.   - Wheel of Fortune (Tubalcain Alhambra)
XI.  - Justice (Yumiko Takagi)
XII.  - The Hanged Man (Seras Victoria and Pip Bernadotte)
XIII. - Death
XV. - The Devil
XVI.  - The Tower (Millennium Soldiers)
XVII. - The Star
XVIII. - The Moon
XIX. - The Sun
XX. - Judgement (Alexander Anderson)
XXI. - The World

Hellsing © Koutha Hirano
The Art © Me
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Light a candle and enjoy good beverage with deceased?
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Very, very cool :clap:
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Very nice work