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We've put together a limited edition collection of my GI JOE Art prints. All color and high quality prints. The sets are limited to 100, signed and numbered. They come shipped in an archival photo box. They include a number of the covers I did for my IDW run on GI Joe and other Joe related commissioned or commercial art. Follow this link to see photos of all the prints included in the box set, and to order. 

The set includes 30 full color prints. I sell prints at conventions or through my blog/email at $15 each. With this set you'll get a higher quality print, and for 1/3 of the cost. Or you can think of it as buying 10 prints and getting 20 of them for free!

However you look at it, it's the best deal to get a number of the GI JOE prints I have available

Thanks always for all your support!
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Hey all, just wanted to update my terrible journal skills.

I recented posted a slew of sketches over at my blog. Commissions, convention sketches and commercial art and comic process posts. Also with this post in particular I give a bit of a rundown on my current commission situation and how I'll be handling commissions in the future. So if this applies to you, or if you are interested in a commission from me, I'd give it a read through.

Thanks for all the support, posts and comments. I do my best to respond, but I know I'm pretty terrible at it. I do see your comments and very much appreciate all the encouragement and kids words. 

I'm not currently on a monthly comic, I've got a few pitches in the works for larger projects and we'll see if those take off. In the mean time I've been working with NERF as a lead illustrator for their 2013-2014 line of products. So you'll see my art and Simon Gough's art :iconspidermanfan2099: on all the packages this coming fall! 

Keep an eye on my blog for updates on work and more daily sketches!!!
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Mostly I'm posting a journal because I got sick of seeing the same thing on my wall every time I logged on. Im about halfway through teaching the Figure drawing course for the Comics Experience. I think it's going pretty well for the first time teaching it. I'm sure each time we offer the course the rough edges will get smoothed out. I'm just extremely happy to see the amount of progress the students are making in their daily and weekly sketches. Everyone is grasping the material so well, I'm gratified to see that the instruction provided is clicking with the students, and then how hard they are working to apply it. Very cool, to me that's the best part of teaching.

On the work side of things, I'm still working on the Castle book for Marvel based on the ABC tv series. I'm also working on commercial-art side projects for Nerf, Super Soaker, and some action figure lines for Avengers and Batman related package art. It's all been fun to do as it's so different than the daily penciling work of comic pages. Don't get me wrong, I love drawing comics, but it really is a nice breath of fresh air to do other things occasionally. The struggle has been doing it all at once. I've also been doing breakdowns for Snake Eyes for IDW, and an larger OGN with Larry Hama and Ryan Schifrin called Shadow Gambit. Both of those projects will be out next year.

Finally things are starting to slow down a bit to just the monthly book and a couple side covers and commissions to wrap up. This has been pretty steady since last June especially, and it's really taught me what my limits are. As I get a bit older I cant stay up for 3 days and rebound like back in college. Watching my kids during the day also takes a big chunk of work time, but it's a matter of setting priorities. I know it's important for me to have that time with them.

Over all, it's great to be busy, but we have to keep our perspective on the things that are most important.
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I've been teaching with the Comics Experience for a couple years now. It's a great program online that allows artists and writers to take comics related courses taught by working professionals. I've taught the Intro to Comics Art and the Advanced Comics Art classes in the past. They've mostly focused on comics storytelling, an introduction to the industry and how to properly go about getting work. The advanced class focuses more on final pencil techniques, styles, and rendering. Along with more advanced page layouts and storytelling concepts.

We felt the need to expand our Art Curriculum and I saw a desire to focus on human anatomy and dynamic figure drawing as it would apply to comics and other media arts. So we now have officially created a course and it has just opened for enrollment!

You can read more about the class and enroll here:…

I will be teaching how to build up an ideal figure and construct it through basic forms. Then I will go through an in depth study of all the muscle groups, and their range of motion. The class is set up so that it's in real time, you sign on with audio and visual in the class' program. I can share my desktop screen with you and you'll see me work as I draw along with the lectures for each course. Assignments will be given and critiqued each week. Each class is recorded in case you miss the live session, and I 'm available all throughout the week to contact and go over the lectures or assignments.

Along with enrollment to the class, you'll also receive a free trial membership on the Creator's Workshop, an online forum full of comic creators, editors and industry professionals available to give advice and critiques on your work.You will also get a FULL ACCESS membership to A reference site full of over 100,000 royalty free stock photos of figure models to use for your drawing instruction.

I would see this class being a valuable resource to any artist that's looking to refine their skills of drawing anatomy for comics, toy design, sculpting, gaming or any form of figure concept art. Even with a "cartoony" style, being able to abstract from a foundation of proportional knowledge will help you in your work.

I can answer any questions you might have here, so feel free to ask! Enrollment is limited since we keep class sizes small to accommodate the amount of critiques you'll receive throughout the course.

I'm basing my instruction on my experience and instruction received through my M.F.A. degree at the Savannah College of Art and Design along with my 8 years of experience within the comic industry and commercial arts field.
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Hey all, the enrollment for the Comic Experience Intro to Comic Art class I teach is now OPEN! Here's a blog post over at Comic Experience that talks all about the available classes.…

There are also classes in Comic's writing, coloring and lettering and production currently open. Throughout the year there are also classes on Editorial (how to be an editor!) and advanced classes in writing, coloring, and storytelling. I'll also be introducing a Figure Construction class this fall! It will be an indepth study of the human figure and constructing it from scratch!

If you're not familiar with Comics Experience, head on over and peruse the website. It's a well packaged way to learn these skills from current comic professionals and editors and a great way to make contacts with these professionals and other creators!…
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