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Hey all, just wanted to update my terrible journal skills.

I recented posted a slew of sketches over at my blog. Commissions, convention sketches and commercial art and comic process posts. Also with this post in particular I give a bit of a rundown on my current commission situation and how I'll be handling commissions in the future. So if this applies to you, or if you are interested in a commission from me, I'd give it a read through.

Thanks for all the support, posts and comments. I do my best to respond, but I know I'm pretty terrible at it. I do see your comments and very much appreciate all the encouragement and kids words. 

I'm not currently on a monthly comic, I've got a few pitches in the works for larger projects and we'll see if those take off. In the mean time I've been working with NERF as a lead illustrator for their 2013-2014 line of products. So you'll see my art and Simon Gough's art :iconspidermanfan2099: on all the packages this coming fall! 

Keep an eye on my blog for updates on work and more daily sketches!!!
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Just a quick question, do we go through MGA now for your sketches that you do at the conventions? Or do we still come to your table and talk to you? Just want to make sure how to handle your conventions sketches now.

Jason W. Gavin

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preorders are all done through MGA, He does a great job of keeping me on task! ;) If you want a full body commission I'll be taking those pre-show, and just doing head and shoulder shots at the show. So the transaction goes through him, but you can always email me to let me know which character you'd like or any questions. that kind of thing.

Thanks man!

Thanks Robert, I just sent you a note today on Facebook too.

What is the best way to get ahold of Michael?


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twitter @moregreatart or MoreGreatArt on facebook. he also has a Comic Art Fan gallery under the name Michael Alexander (MGA) 

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Well played, sir!
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Doing my best, it's really sinking in that I just have to say no to stuff. Work, commissions, favors...whatever until I get done what I have on my plate. What you said about having "good intentions"....really sunk in. I don't want to be known as they guy that just means well but wont follow through.
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It's a tough call to make but I think you stepped up and are doing the right thing. I've got your back, buddy!
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well..... if the pitches don't work...... Kickstart those mothas!! ;) I'm WAY to addicted to Kickstarter i think. lol.
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yeah I've been supporting a lot of comic projects lately!
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Thanks for sharing ur amazing skills with us! U are on of my biggest influences (I even have a folder with all ur drawings to make my own studies ;) )
Would be great if you could give me ur opinion of my works and if possible some advices ;)
THANKS and continue the greatness! ;)
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thanks for the kind words. If I have time I'll be happy to swing by your page more often. You've got a great sense of dynamics. A clear style that you keep consistent. I think just with time and more practice that will refine even more. Great work all around.
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Oh thank you so much for the time, master ;)
Im really glad you enjoyed it! Im trying my best to get better! But I know that I still have a long way to go! I started to draw 2 years ago so I need many more years, I mean until my end ;)
I will practice more and more to get better and to reach your amazing level ;)
Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing your amazing works!
Continue and thanks once again!
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my pleasure, keep up the great work.
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I will for sure! But promise that you will continue to share your awesome works!!! :D
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