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Zatanna colors

A sketch I did during my Justice League month on my blog. Colors by Simon Gough :iconspidermanfan2099: I didn't like this sketch until he colored it.
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Magic is in this raven-haired woman's very nature.
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Beautiful coloring work and layout. I love her realistic face and hair work. the coloring is perfectly done with lighting behind her and the coloring blending is mesmerizing. Gorgeous job on the sketch work so the coloring brings it to life:love:
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I have been following your work now for a while (blame your sister, I went to HS with her), but this is my favorite!
I love it. Yes the coloring really brings it to life, but it was still great to start with. Sure I am partial to Zee.
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cool ^^ like the smoke effect below
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Impressive render of an awesome character.
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Thats very awesome!! :)
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One of the best DCU characters
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Very very beautifull!!! Great!!!
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i love the Backgraund looks so cool!!
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I'm going to have to think about ow he did the swirly blue background...
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he was trying new things to visualize magic powers, not sure what he referenced, but I like it!
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So do I! Which is why I wanted to know how he did it...
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Smoke brushes, just layered a few in front and a few behind (had to then keep multiplying the layers till it looked thick enough, set to Hardlight layer). Worked fairly well, but took longer than i'd have liked.

You can find the smoke brushes in a link from my last journal Sean, someone posted them over to me and they were better than the ones I was already using (or at least some of them were. You should check out Flame Painter too (a program), something I think you'll really like, will be very useful.
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goodo! thankz...!
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