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Optimus Prime Transformers

Another con sketch from Heroes con this year. I love the TF's and this was a blast to do. I haven't drawn Optimus in a long time, especially with the Movie havin just come out, I was itching to do this.
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I would like to ask your permission to Color this piece.


Thanks in advance, Christian

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Your skecth is very cool, and I like the Prime's angle ... :D
Do you permit me to coloring your picture? :beer:
if yes :handshake: , this my e-mail : harwan.stiayoga(at)
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Just wanted to let you know I threw a copy of this up in my gallery. Feel free to post in your own.

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I love the angle and perspective on this. Nice work. I'd found it years ago, and lost it -- So glad I found it again today!
Would you consider letting me color it?
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sure thing, shoot me an note with your email and I can send you the high res.
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Asesome! atleast some peapole remember how the Transformers loockt be for the movie
"Transformers: War for Cybertron" videogame people. they know too

(if u check it out on youtube u'll see)
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that's fuckin awesome!!
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Click here : [link] for my colored version. Hope you lilke it.
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Great pose of Optimus Prime!Is it OK if I color it?
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go for it! send me your email and I can send you a high res.
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Thanks !! I've send you a message with my e-mail address.
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Running into the fray, leading the charge...or to lay down some cover fire so Doc Ratch can get one of his guys out of there.

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wow what a great pose!!!!!!
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wow what a great pose!!!!!!
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as a big TF fan;

i love it!

great job man :D
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wooow woooow the movement!!I just love Prime:D and Bumblebee of course =^^=
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omg awsome, can I color it?
of course give you proper credit
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Definantly, give me an email so I can send the high res.
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Who dosnt love Transformers! That is amazing!
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i think he just squished a mouse!!!
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G1 is still my favorite by FAR, gotta love Prime!
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