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DS 675 Transformers Inks

By RobertAtkins
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This has a long story behind it. I posted it on my blog a little while back here's the link. I've had colors done by Joana Lafuente, I will post those soon!
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The sense of scale and intensity in Optimus and Megatron's throwdown here is just BEAUTIFUL.
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Awesome inks.
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Whenever I gaze on this picture I am transported back to my childhood watching the animated version of the Transformers movie, being captivated as Optimus and Megatron duel and beat the living hell out of each-other! (although this is obviously from the cartoon because the Autobot shipwreck is in the background) Anyway you did a terrific job!
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I feel totally transformed by watching this image.
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Oh wow! I had no idea you planned on putting both characters together! Looks great! Those explosion effects look especially cool. And I'm stoked that you got Joana to color it -- can't wait to see what she does. You may not remember, but you let me color the Prime from this image a while back, so I'm extra happy to see you adding his nemesis to the picture. Thanks for all the great artwork! 
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I may have to have a go at coloring this bad boy... I love this.
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Nice!  Looks Like it came directly out of the old Marvel comics version of the Transformers!
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very cool, love it!!
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Awesome! I love the transformers! Not the movies. : (  But the cartoon was awesome!
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