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The Empire

I've always loved drawing Star Wars and have already posted some of my pictures:

Star Wars has been around a long time now - so I really don't get anything from seeing images that copy stills from the movies or don't add any originality. So I always try to paint something that you haven't seen before - and with this one I've attempted to mix the epic 'movie poster' look with the feel of a super-hero team cover.

I really went all-out with this piece and it took a very long time to complete. I painted it at a very high resolution (it's a 330mb PSD file) but I dramatically reduced it here to make it quicker to load.

Hope you like!
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All hail the Galactic Empire!!! :XD:
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A Masterpiece =)
Well done
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Love it.

Boba Fett isn't part of the Empire, he's an.... independent consultant for fugitive transfer!
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This is awesome! I would love to have this on a t-shirt. Great work! :D
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all hail the empire
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A great Tribute to the might of the Galactic Empire
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i want this as a tattoo
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really like boba fett in this one nice work!
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Love it, man! 

A worthy dedication to the Galactic Empire!!!
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All of your art is really amazing.
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That's very kind of you to say so - thanks alot :thumbsup:
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You are most welcome my friend.
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 Please benevolent God-Emperor, hear my prayer. Thy enemies now stand at the gate.
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Pretty damn nice :D
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Thanks very much :)
Oh my... if you ever hear me saying that rhymesyndicate isn't one of a biggest Star Wars' fan and drawer, tell me immediately to shut up !
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:lol: ... I don't plan on giving you any reason to say I'm not! :thumbsup:
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Another excellent piece! Love the fading of the Vader helmet into the stars, just like the classic Empire Strikes Back promotional material.
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Thanks again! Yep - I grew up with that stuff so I dare say I was influenced and inspired by it. Plus it just 'works' as a concept with the black of his helmet fading into the limitless black of space.
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