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Star Wars meets Star Trek - Vader vs Spock

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Here's the third in my trilogy of pictures combining iconic characters from the Star Wars and Star Trek universes to mark the announcement that J.J. Abrams will direct the next Star Wars movie. And they don't get much more iconic than Darth Vader and Mr Spock!

J.J. Abrams is living out every fanboy's dream right now - so I was wondering whether he's thinking to himself... "I really like Star Trek, and I really like Star Wars too. But which one is better? There's only one way to find out... FIGHT!"

The other two pictures in the trilogy:

This is an original depiction of copyright characters I didn’t create and don’t own. This is fan art – created solely to show my artistic ability – it isn’t for sale and isn’t available for reproduction. I drew this in Photoshop using a Wacom pad – this is a low-res version of the original.

***Updated with an alternative version that leaves out the text from the originally posted version which read "JJ Loves Me Most!". Also removed some filters that made the original image look over-saturated. If anyone notices the difference - let me know which version you prefer!***
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I can imagine it'd be difficult to give Vader the Vulcan neck pinch
:vulcan: REVISED 
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Had to fave it, I dont know why I did not do it in the first place because I am sure I commented already.
Two of my favorite characters from the two greatest franchises in History together.  There is no better picture than this.
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FlareEmerald77Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Spock:   You weren't always like this. Allow me to open your surpassed memories

Darth Vader:   You'd be wise to stop while you still have the chance, Vulcan
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Careful, Vader, that Spock has a mind like a computer. Easy to fool, he is not!
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MrDataTheAwesomeHobbyist General Artist
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PapiTrooperProfessional Artist
Go Vader !!!
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P0MGHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice Drawing!
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To quote Davis Quinton, "Darth Vader would never fight Mr. Spock, Darth Vader would fight Captain Kirk."
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Go spock go kick his ass!
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And the winner is...


(But seriously, while I'm a diehard fan of both Star Wars AND Star Trek, the fact remains that I am such a diehard Whovian that I will go down with the franchise.)
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Your a whovian? Well fantastic! And Allozy!
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Indeed I am!

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Who's your favorite doctor? Mine is the ninth doctor.
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Eleven is my favorite, but I'm also rather fond of Eight, Nine, and Ten.
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High five!
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*High fives.*
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Mr-Illusionist-1331Student General Artist
Damn it's.......EPIC!!!:D
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TalicorStudent Digital Artist
Gah! I love it! My boyfriend is a Trekkie and I am a total Star Wars Geek, and after he introduced me to Star Trek, I'd have to say Spock is totally my favorite character from the series!
In a fight though... I'd have to go with Vader, hands down.
He's known as the greatest Jedi Killer of all time for a reason y'know.
(Not to mention he's 7ft. tall, has super-cyborg strength,is heavily armored (no Vulcan neck pinch for you!), has mastered lightsaber combat, and can kill people with a thought.)
Did I mention that he's the Chosen One as well?

Sorry Spock, I love ya, but Vader's got you beat on this one.
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Robert-ShaneProfessional Digital Artist
haha - very well reasoned description of how Vader would win a fight between these - and I certainly don't disagree. But I think that if there ever were a story that brought these two together - Spock would be smart enough to make sure it never came down to a physical confrontation. 
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TalicorStudent Digital Artist
Maybe, but sometimes you just gotta have an ultimate throw down to decide things!
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AkenoTOSHobbyist Artist
*LE GASP* This would be so amazing!!! One of the best crossovers one could think of!! I think Spock would win, but then again, my favorite character IS Spock. 
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