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I haven't posted anything in such a long time. But I have taken the time away to try to learn and improve my art. I've tried my hand at a couple of new (to me) programs - one of which is Mange Studio (EX 5). I was stunned at how good the program is - especially for the very reasonable price. I mainly bought it so that I could produce some sequential art which was otherwise missing from my portfolio here (the program has a lot of tools to speed up panel creation).

Judge Dredd is a character I've always loved - so I put this 'story' together just as a way to introduce a lot of elements and situations into a single short story. The story isn't meant to tie in with any continuity or be in any way representative of the character - just to showcase my art and appreciation of him.

This story was just a warm up for another short story I've put together featuring some other characters I've drawn a lot of in the past - so if you like this please be sure to come back and check my page out as I'll be posting more really soon!

page 2:Judge Dredd Story - Page 2 of 5 by Robert-Shane  page 3:Judge Dredd Story - Page 3 of 5 by Robert-Shane page 4:Judge Dredd Story - Page 4 of 5 by Robert-Shane page 5:Judge Dredd Story - Page 5 of 5 by Robert-Shane
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