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Judge Dredd Story - Page 5 of 5



The final page of my Judge Dredd story.  

This is fan art and isn't for sale or reproduction.  Judge Dredd was created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra and the character is copyright of Rebellion.

page 1:Judge Dredd story - Page 1 of 5 by Robert-Shane page 2:Judge Dredd Story - Page 2 of 5 by Robert-Shane  page 3:Judge Dredd Story - Page 3 of 5 by Robert-Shane page 4:Judge Dredd Story - Page 4 of 5 by Robert-Shane

Hope you liked it? I certainly enjoyed creating it!  It was a useful warm-up to another short story I've created and will post very soon featuring some other characters I've drawn a lot of in the past.  
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Dog has out of date license tags. Judgement 30 years creep!