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Han Solo and Chewbacca from The Force Awakens

If you've seen any of my artwork before you'll know that I'm a Star Wars fan - and that I especially like the various troopers and masked characters. So I thought it would make sense for a change to show that I can also draw the human characters.  This piece features Han Solo - but I've gone for his more aged look now that we know he will make an appearance, alongside Chewbacca, in the upcoming The Force Awakens.  [If you check through my gallery you'll see that I predicted back in November 2012 in my drawing 'Star Wars 7 - We're Back' that both Han and Chewie would appear! :)]

From what we've seen so far - Han appears to be sporting a different, but similar outfit in The Force Awakens - but I thought it would be cool to draw how he might look with the familiar outfit we remember him wearing in the original trilogy.  Now I'd expect that in the intervening 30 years - he will have gone through several wardrobe changes - but I still think of this look as Han's 'costume' so it will be interesting to see if it makes an appearance in the movie.

I'm trying to steer clear of any plot spoilers - but it appears that the new Stormtroopers and the 'First Order' will be the bad guys of the movie - so this is my depiction of how a dramatic firefight between the characters might appear. 

This is drawn in Photoshop using a Wacom pad. Star Wars and its characters are copyright of Disney and Lucasfilm. This is fan art and isn't for sale or reproduction.
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You can always count on a Wookiee to have your back
Cute Chewie Icon 
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Warning: Chewbacca.exe has stopped working. Error code: 18489ITHINKIMDYINGHALP
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I've actually met Chewy.
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Rumors said Han will die but I'm still not exactly sure about that.
Hi - you should submit this to the official fan art competition at
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Ah beautiful! Also, "First Order" seems like the name for the Inquisitor group as Captain Phasma (what the fans called the "Chrometrooper") is an Inquisitor. But, I do know these troopers are still Empire.
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THATS PRETTY FREAKIN AWESOME You sir have earned my watch a million times over. Also are you a member of the 501st it seems you would be
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Awesome work!  :)

I'm still not too sure about this new movie coming out.  I have tried to keep from watching the trailers, though I did see the one with the Avengers movie.
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I like the framing of the stormtroopers.
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Thanks for picking up on that - the idea of using the stormtroopers to frame the action was really my initial 'reason' for doing this in the first place!
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Gotta love ol Han and Chewbacca, those two are my fave characters from the movies.
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yep - i think there's a lot of people who'd agree with that!
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Nothing like a good blaster can fix this
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Maybe Han would say..."Some people like to talk through their problems. I like to shoot them!"
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Ha! Still whupping Stormtroopers! :D

You should see how this sketch comedy takes Star Wars 7:…

p.s. you should try drawing something like this sometime: :D
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! wow that chariot link made my head hurt! :P
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Did you like it? :D
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This is just amazing.
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Thanks very much!
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