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Darth Vader Meets His Match



I'm not the first to think up the idea of mashing Star Wars and Aliens together - but the two go together so well I had to draw another crossover. (My other piece features Darth Maul.)

For this one - I thought up the idea of Darth Vader going to check out some unusual liferform readings in his Star Destroyer's cargo hold... and finding an Alien queen.

The title for this has a double meaning. First because I think the two characters would be fairly evenly matched in a fight. Second - because of the parallels between the character design - both are shiny black evil monsters. So I've emphasised this in the composition and lighting. I also picked up on a few helpful comments about the 'gritty' feel of my last piece - so I kept a limited colour palette for this one too.

I've drawn Darth Vader attempting to use his 'force choke' on the Alien queen (would that work?). I did this intentionally because it's an ambiguous pose. I wanted him to look like he might even be reaching out to the Alien - perhaps sensing a kindred spirit. I thought that added something to this as a piece of 'art' that would be lost if this was just another battle scene.

This is an original depiction of George Lucas's and HR Giger's characters. My initial sketch for this was drawn on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 using the bundled Photoshop Touch. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the digitizer pen is - and the fact that you can export PSD files to complete your work is great too. I finished the piece in Photoshop using a Wacom pad. I used Google Sketchup to build a 3D wireframe for the background which I then imported to Photoshop to colour.

I'm really, really pleased with this. Hope you like it too!
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my god I need to get into digital art absolutely fantastic wizard with the tablet 😁👍