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Biker Scout vs Ewoks

By Robert-Shane
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I've always loved the design of the Biker Scouts (aka Scout Troopers) from Return of the Jedi. I think it's amazing how they made this costume look different from the original, iconic, Stormtroopers, but still similar enough that it looks like it's part of the same army.

I've added some Ewoks to make this look like an ambush on (the forest moon of) Endor. The placement of the Ewoks, and the trees behind them are key parts of the composition - designed to draw the viewer's eye in toward the Biker Scout.

This was drawn in Photoshop using a Wacom pad. I rarely use anything other than the standard 'hard round' brush - but for this one, I also used the 'stipple' brush on the Ewoks' fur and the tree trunks. The 'scattered leaves' brush was also a big help in painting the leaves on the trees in the background.

The characters are copyright of Disney - this is fan art and isn't for sale or reproduction.
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Current Objective: Survive

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Ewoks: beware they EAT HUMAN BEINGS. Remember they were preparing to cook Luke, Han and Chewbacca as part of a feast for Leia. WHY they didn't want to cook Leia is a good question. At the end of TROJ, we see decapitated Stormtroopers with their helmets still on. You could argue the helmets were empty but whichever, where did all those Stormtroopers go after the Death Star II exploded?! It's not like there were many ships left to go pick up the troopers still on Endor. And would they just run away leaving behind what they were wearing; helmets, armor, etc..?!

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It is well that the Empire was toppled so soon after the Ewoks made fools out of the stormtroopers on Endor. The Empire would have made a desert out of Endor had the rebels not blown up the 2nd Death Star.
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XV2-47 to the base: Teddybears attacking me!

The base to XV2-47: Dont drink and drive.
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Awesome, fav'd.
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Well... this guy is screwed.

Excellent job btw. How long did this take you?
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Awesome drawing buddy :)
Did you know that Jedi was originally supposed to have Wookies instead of Ewoks, but Luca$ wanted something cuter, more kid-friendly and therefore more marketable for cartoons and toys :P
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Scout Trooper: Ohhh god...stay back...I'm warning you to stay back or I'll shoot!....stay back....STAY BACK! STAY BA--!!!

Even though he is wearing his helmet, I can tell that he has a terrified look on his face.

Hopefully, the ewoks just capture him instead of tearing him apart. Though, he might be their dinner later on...I hope the rebels rescued him. That will be ironic! :D

I'll give this art TWO THUMBS UP! Not just because it looks BEAUTIFUL, but the feels of what's it like being surrounded by blood-thirsty primitives and there's no way out from this heart-pumping situation. Nobody's gonna save you out of nowhere, so it is either fight to the death or just took a quick escape route by shooting yourself in the head. But if you have a thermal detonator, it's best to take your surrounding enemies with you to Purgatory or Hell itself.
Maybe you would have add a thermal detonator on his empty hand, to make your art more interesting! Though, it is a bit ridiculous to the Empire that the Scout Trooper died taking the teddy bears with him instead of the Rebels his comrades are fighting. LOL!!!!
cool design, great detail
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Epic Halo voice, "LAST MAN STANDING..."
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...unless the last 'man' standing is a space teddy bear! :lol:
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If you get surrounded and you know you're screwed, use the thermal detonator to bring them all down with you!
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wow - those Ewoks would never see that coming ...tick...tick...BOOM! Ewok pieces everywhere! :lol:
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Yeah, I never bought the fact that Ewoks can take down Storm troopers. I mean stick and stones can hurt stormies?
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I just assume that they just brought the stormies down under their body weight, so the stormies couldn't fight, then let the rebels capture them xD
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Great pic! Even as a child I totally liked biker scouts and I thought it was stupid that they didn't catch Luke and Leia. I hope that guy gets away :D
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Good to know I'm not the only one who was cheering them on. My parents thought I had morality issues.
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Thanks Nicole. I was always on the side of the scouts too - but I suppose we would have had a much shorter movie if they had caught Luke and Leia! And sadly I don't feel too good about this guy's chances of getting away either! :lol:
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Thank you Daniele! :)
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This is some top-notch stuff, friend. It's nothing less than incredible and captures the Scout perfectly.


We can only hope that he gets out of this mess in one piece. XD

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:lol: thanks very much (and sorry for taking so long to say so!)
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