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May 3, 2010
Type Shirt Design by ~roberlan

This type treatment combines different styles in a most appealing way. Even though it is a wild mix of colors and font design it looks fantastic.
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Type Shirt Design

T-shirt design for a clothing company
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This is awesome!

Did you make the fonts or did you get it off somewhere? o:

I'm planning to be a shirt designer for my school and wondering if you have anything to help me make tshirts for my school. :)
how much do you charge per design?
How much do you charge per design?
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this i fuckin love!! colors and type contrast makes this piece very inspiring.
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How much to get REBEL in tha retro??
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thanks for the watch.^
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I would definetely buy a shirt with the never vintage pieces on it!
greatness :)
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This could be a Daft Punk song. o-o
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where can i buy this tee-shirt. I just am entranced by it, i just can't look away. Holly hell. Damn i said hell, hell i said damn!
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i wish i had the Vintage shirt.
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It fits me very much. ^^ Well-said, and wonderfully fit together.
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so cool. howd u make it?
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lol i know this is kind of random but your avitar is danicing in perfect unison to my song im listening to
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Wwoooww fodaa kara!
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Congrats on the DD.
Nicely done. It looks very clean and colourful.

The 'n' looks really close to being an 'a' in vintage. Took me a second. :XD:
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Very close, But is not this one, the one i used is shock therapy
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